The Hospitality Industry

The Hospitality Industry
The hospitality industry is the provision of services such as accommodations, meals and other recreational services and is conducted in places such as hotels, restaurants, cruising ships. The hospitality depends on the availability of recreational time and income that can be disposed off. The industry can be categorized into two: leisure joints like bars and casinos; and accommodation areas like hotels, hostels and resorts. The hospitality segments have got units that offer the services (such as caterers, porters, chefs) and others that direct functions.
The most appealing segment is the hospitality industry that offers entertainment services since many people opt to visit them mostly and in a continuous trend during weekends and unlike the accommodation segment whereby people tend to visit them during job vacations or on business trips. Another reason why the entertainment segment is appealing to me is because the entertainment joints can be visited by people from all walks of life regardless of their ages or social status. Considering the trend of the latter segment, can be more innovative to run the entertainment segment that6 also offers some of the services catered for by the accommodation segment such as lodgings. I wouldn’t consider the accommodation industry because it needs up-to-date management.
Catering business: this is the provision of services that supply meals to places that are secluded such as pubs or within hotels. Catering services ranges from events catering, packed meals catering to mobile catering. (Sloan, 2009)
A restaurant is a commercial service that prepares and it is situated at a place where the clients come to be served on the restaurants premises. (Bob, 2003) It offers fast foods and also take-away meals. My scope of vision is to expand the catering business to a restaurant while at the same time retaining the services so as to cater for the ever increasing services of catering and also give the catering business a strong foundation.
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