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The Family of Mexican American

The cultural characteristics of the Mexican American families are very much influenced by other nations. For instance, the American culture has really influenced them. They are very strongly attached to their families and socialize a lot in their extended families (Trevino, 2011). They mostly communicate using the Spanish language as it is believed to link their heritage on the value they have on their families and relationships. Extended families live in the same household and show cooperation, loyalty and respect. They have hierarchy of authority and major decisions are made by elderly, parents and males (Trevino, 2011). They have well defined gender roles. Fathers take the primary responsibility of the family and protect family members. Mothers care and nurture and care for their children and husbands. None should challenge their roles and responsibilities and males are raised to be autonomous while females are raised to be dependent. Their culture encourages interaction with a large network of family and friends. It is the interaction which helps in maintenance of religious beliefs as practicing religious traditions is of great importance to the Mexican American culture (Trevino, 2011). These religious beliefs include sacrifice, charity and enduring of wrongs. They have a characteristic of varied levels of acculturation where customs and values range from very Mexican to cultural blend to very Anglicized. Most of them are Roman Catholics though they are others who follow other religions. They love music and dancing and festivals which help extended families get together (Trevino, 2011).
The cultural characteristics of Mexican American have a positive impact to the American society as they added and enriched the society through their contributions (Anonymous, 2011). Some of the impact is their hard work by making the Southwest valleys the richest by growing and harvesting crops in them. Their culture has contributed to the society’s own culture. Their impacts in the United States include fine arts, sports, cuisines, language, politics and demographics (Anonymous, 2011).
Psychology theory mostly explains people’s behavior and explains it using different theories including theories including behavioral, cognitive, development, humanist, personality and social psychology theories. The cultural aspects of Mexican Americans can be applied in psychology theory in that they determine the personality, behavior and roles performed by each person (William, 1990). It applied in that people develop the personality of interaction, love and respect for one another.
These cultural characteristics imply that when people grow up they have developed their psychological way of behaving and interacting with people. The people practice their roles as dictated by the culture which makes them who they are.
Mexican Americans have a diverse culture which is widely influenced by other nations. Their culture is mostly influenced by Americans and the religion. Their cultural characteristics include; strong attachment to the family, well defined gender roles, a strong attachment to religion, and hierarchy in authority with elders, parents and males making crucial decisions and culture in which dance and festivals are included to bring the extended family together. The Mexican American culture values the extended family so much such that they are strongly tired together. The culture has had impact on the American society as it contributes to the Americans culture. It also contributes to their riches. The cultural aspects can be applied in psychology theory as it determines people’s behavior and personality. It also helps them determine their roles. Its implications to psychology and practice are that it helps people know their way of life and shape their behavior.

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