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The China Daily (China’s primary English language newspaper) and the Xinhua News Agency (China’s official state-run newspaper)

The China Daily (China’s primary English language newspaper) and the Xinhua News Agency (China’s official state-run newspaper)Read the latest issue of The China Daily (China’s primary English language newspaper) and the Xinhua News Agency (China’s official state-run newspaper) online. You can access these newspapers by going to and will select a news article from The China Daily that reflects any one of the five organizing themes(globalization, governance, national identity, civil society and environmental justice) that Shapiro explained in Ch. 1. Your next step is to locate its equivalent in the Xinhua News Agency and compare/contrast both articles e.g. is the article presented in the same way in both newspapers? why or why not? If you are unable to find the equivalent article in the Xinhua News Agency, consider why this is the case and explain your interpretation.Please type a short (one-page, single-spaced) response to these questions and submit online using Canvas. In addition to comparing/contrasting the same article (where possible) from these two newspapers, you will also need to explain how your article reflects any one of the organizing themes described in Shapiro Ch. 1 (Governance, Globalization, National Identity, Civil Society, Environmental Justice & Displacement of Harm).the additional materials is the book we use in class.globalization, governance, national identity, civil society and environmental justiceAcknowledgments – l Introduction:i 1 The Big PictureThis book would not have been possible without the patient persua- lsion of my editor at Polity Press, Louise Knight, who convinced me towrite it, and David Winters, who shepherded it expertly and respon’ ! “Climate Change Threatens China’s Crops, Warns Expert.”sively through the publication process. Ian Turtle copy-edited the : “Amid Severe Drought, Chinese Government Admits Misrakes withmanuscript with skill, sensitivity, and a keen eye. Many able readers 1 Three Gorges Dam.”were involved and I am in their debt, including Anna Brettell, Ken “China’s Environment: An Economic Death Sentence.”Conca, Mike Gelner, Gary Marcuse, and Paul Wapner, each of whom i “World’s Longest Natural Gas Pipeline Goes into Operation in China.”spent many hours providing detailed suggestions. Tough and helpful : “China’s Air Pollution Again at Danger Levels.”anonymous readers shaped the initial proposal and critiqued and : “One in Three Buyers of Newly Built London Homes Are Chinese.”improved the draft. Sikina Jinnah, Garrett Graddy, Tim Kovach, and l “China Expands Economic Influence around the World.”Rong Zhu were also very helpful at critical stages. American University’s l “China Suspends New Highospeed Rail Projects Following Crash.”School of International Service has been a wonderful base for scholar- l “China Closes ‘Toxic’ Chemical Plant after Thousands Protest.”ship and teaching, and I am most grateful to be here. I have learned l “Company Ordered to Halt Production after Dumping Toxic Waste.”much from my colleagues and students. I also feel extremely fortunate I “Thousands Riot in South China over Land Grab.”to have had the research assistance and editorial participation of AdamJadhav, whose intelligent comments and questions, eye for detail, and This sampling of headlines, compiled from Chinese and internationalwillingness to delve deeply into the problems of a country that is not 1 news feeds in 2011-2013, reflect the breakneck changes in China’shis beloved India have turned out to be one of this project’s most development, its global influence, and the enormity of the environmen-important assets. I must also thank my ever‘supportive husband Rick ‘ tal problems that the country faces. How are we to make sense of theShapiro, and my two cats, Binky and Scrushy, who responded to me huge shift in China’s position in the world? What does it mean formuch as they usually do, which was perhaps the greatest help of all. China’s prospects for sustainable development? How does it affect theglobal environment? This book explores these questions.China’s huge environmental challenges are significant for us all. Thechoices the Chinese Communist Party, national government, and

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