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Textual Poaching

Textual poaching is characterized by active reading where readers are involved in analyzing they read or watch to come up with meaning which is more beyond the original and obvious meaning (Marxwik, 2009). It involves fiction and coming up with new ideas.
The textual poaching example to be analyzed is romantic relations which mostly start to teenagers. Romantic relations are like meme. They occur to almost every one. It occurs when individuals begin recognizing their social interests to the opposite sex (McCarthy & Casey, 2008). Teenagers fantasize and talk among themselves on how to develop romantic relationships. It is through these discussions that they are able to be self confident and get in to romantic relationships. The teenagers in this situation show some sense of hegemony. There are sociological changes which take place when romantic relationships start to happen. The teenagers reduce the time they used to spend with their parents and older people and instead start socializing more with their romantic partners and friends whom they can share romantic stories with.
Mostly when the youth reach adolescent, they identify themselves and think that they should have their own peers who they can socialize with. This is a social need because at this time, they are able to know that their parents are not so favorable to socialize with. When children are young, they do not know any world bigger than their families and parents. As they approach adolescent, their sociological scope widen and they need to make friends outside their family (McCarthy & Casey, 2008). They also discover that there are some issues which they cannot share with their parents but hope that their friends and peers will be the most appropriate. According to them romantic relationship is something which existed long before and every one has the right to get involved in to it. They relate it to history as to how Adam and Eve were able to be joined together by God.
Romantic relationships can also be sociologically using societal perspective. The society encourages romantic relationship provided that they are health and are with a responsible person. The society will always criticize the person who takes time to get involved in romantic relationships. There is a particular age and time which the society has set for start of romantic relationships. The person who goes past this time may be criticized and considers as having bad morals. Sociologically, no one would want to be associated with bad morals and therefore, they will try as much as possible to get involved in to romantic relationships at the appropriate time. These relations are associated with a person’s personality (McCarthy & Casey, 2008). The society assumes that any person who has a good and health personality will get a good person to be involved in a relationship. The society assumes that if one does not get a partner, they personality is so bad to an extend that no one can cope with it.
Sociological analysis of romantic relationship can also be done in terms of social structure. Social structure is progressive if people get in to romantic relationships and get married to continue the family. It is a form of interaction which is considered sociologically health in society. The romantic relationships help build a social relationship and social organization in the society. It helps individuals meet all kinds of need including physiological needs, safety and stability needs, social desire needs, self esteem needs and self realization needs. This is achieved since the individuals are able to find out that they contributing to the growth of the society work hard to gain recognition in the society by being involved in health social relationships.
Romantic relationships can also be sociologically analyzed using economic perspective. It is individuals who contribute to the economic growth of a particular society. This can only be done if people interact with one another and come up with issue and activities which lead to the growth of the economy. Mostly people in a romantic relationship will try to be hard working so that they can convince their partners that they are productive. It is through this hard work that contribution to the growth of the economy is achieved. Mostly successful romantic relationships leading to marriage and bearing of children which also increase availability of labor which is required building of the economy.
Romantic relationships occur different in males and females. Females are likely to get to adolescent earlier than males. This means that most of the times, females start getting in to romantic relationships earlier than males. In addition to them getting in the relationships at an earlier age, they are also more attached to the relationships than males (McCarthy & Casey, 2008). Mostly males will not mind moving from one relationship to another because in real sense they think that they do not have anything to lose. There are some who get in the relationships not because they are serious and wants to get married but simply to pass time. In most times, females are serious in any relationship they get in to even if the male might not be serious.
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