survey report about how to dress for work

survey report about how to dress for workTask 2: SURVEY REPORT.1. Conduct a survey ( Write a report on the findings from your survey.State• when you sent out the survey• how many people you emailed• your sample population (eg: Emiratis, females, males parents, mothers, fellow students?)• the number of respondents (the people who filled in your survey)Describe• the main results/trends in your collected data• anything unusual/a finding you found surprising/something you weren’t expectingWrite a minimum of 250 wordsCreate a survey of 10 questions that you will use to collect data from participants in your research.(At least 3 of the questions need to be traditional Likert Scale questions involving agreement/satisfaction/frequency/quality etc AND at least 3 questions need to be Multiple Choice).I.All the material you need to help you with question design is available in the material that follows.II.Your Instructor will advise you about a suitable Survey Tool to use.

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