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Street art and graffiti are important to hip hop culture. Explain the origins of this form of art, provide contemporary examples of archived street art, and provide an analysis of the ways in which street art has been punished.

As an alternate to your “hip hop in action project,” you will be required to complete a TWO essays by picking TWO (2) of the following prompts. The essays should be no less than 3 pages each (12 point font, double spaced, regular margins, no cover page, reference page with APA (or similar) citation style). You will need to incorporate classroom materials and discussions into your analysis. Remember, this assignment is worth 100 points. The rubric is posted below. Submit essays as one document in blackboard.
1. Provide a summary and analysis of KRS-One’s Hip Hop Philosophy. Use his music and speeches to provide examples of his framework.

2. Street art and graffiti are important to hip hop culture. Explain the origins of this form of art, provide contemporary examples of archived street art, and provide an analysis of the ways in which street art has been punished.

3. Explain the similarities between American hip hop and Palestinian hip hop. Discuss the major themes using lyrical content to explain.

4. The Steinmetz & Henderson article on rap artists perceptions of criminal justice provides a great framework to analyze lyrical content. Using your ‘rap god’ or another artist, provide an analysis of lyrics from their most recent album. Provide summarizing information and also provide quotes to contextualize your essay and argument. What is the overall theme emerging from the album/artist?

5. What is meant by Disproportionate Minority Contact? Provide lyrical content as examples showing how rappers are engaged with this issue in minority communities.

6. How and in what ways has the criminal justice system used rappers lyrics to implicate themselves? What are the problems associated with this trend?
(A) (B) (C) (D) (F)
Thesis clearly stated and appropriately focused clearly stated but focus could have been sharper thesis phrasing too simple, lacks complexity; or, not clearly worded
thesis lacks a clear objective and/or does not “fit” content of essay thesis not evident
Supporting Research thorough and relevant less thorough but still substantial and relevant
adequate; relevance made clear insufficient; relevance not always made clear irrelevant, missing, or relies on assertion rather than research
Focus & Content sharp, distinct focus; balanced, substantial, specific, and/or illustrative content; sophisticated, mature ideas are particularly well-developed Clear focus; specific, illustrative, and balanced content adequate focus, but unbalanced content; more analysis needed essay contains too much research information without analysis or commentary absence of focus and relevant content; content doesn’t “fit” thesis
Organization obviously controlled and/or subtle organization; strong topic sentences logical and appropriate organization; clear topic sentences organization attempted, but unclear or inappropriate
topic sentences inconsistent organization
absence of planned organization
Style writer’s voice is strong; precision in tone, sentence structure, and word choice precision and variety in sentence structure and word choice limited, but mostly correct, sentence structure variety and word choice several awkward and/or unclear sentences; problems with word choice no apparent control over sentence structure and word choice
Mechanics & Usage free of mechanical and usage errors few mechanical and usage errors some mechanical and usage errors, but not severe enough to interfere significantly with writer’s purpose mechanical and usage errors which interfere with writer’s purpose mechanical and usage errors that significantly interfere with the writer’s purpose
Citations all sources are accurately documented in the proper MLA/APA format all sources are documented, but a few are not in the desired format most sources are documented, but many are not in the desired format several sources lack proper documentation sources are not accurately documented, and MLA format is not attempted or followed properly

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