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Statement of Purpose-Master’s Degree in Economics

I humbly write this Statement of Purpose to the Faculty of Hay University in a bid to study a degree in economics using the institutions facilities.
I have lived in a third world country, Iran, for a long duration of time and have given me an ample opportunity to witness a different type of system, interact with new society and economy. While in Iran, I worked for a private company and that was the time when my urge to study economics gnawed at me.
Just like the sapphire searchlights, my eyes have roved over the databases of all institutions and I found the facilities of Hay University ticks all the boxes and that is why I have humbly written this letter to your office, hoping that I will be an student at your university. My aim in studying economics where the subject is delved deeper is for me an achievement that I’m sure will only be accomplished at Hay University.
Like a stone hewed from a mountain, formed into the desired shape and greatly polished, I hope to make a great impact on the society after I undergo the economics program by making this a better world to live in. Studying economics is vital since because it assists people define their priorities; assist them in choosing the best from their goals. The importance of studying economics stretch to old age since the economists ensure their future savings and financial stability because they know the concepts behind savings and also retirement funding.
In my way of giving back to the society, I have been involved in voluntary projects, specifically in “Think together”, an initiative of which I was a co-founder. Under the program, I coached kids from elementary school who hailed from underprivileged families. At the UCI, my voluntary service spanned for twenty hours.
I have attended a number of workshops in economics such as the one held in Paris in November, 2011. On one of the open economics workshops, I met several economics scholars and have listened to their expertise in the field of economics; through that, I could help marveling at the extent of that field. As Albert Einstein states,” One cannot help but in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, marvelous structure of reality…never lose a holy curiosity.” I decided to pursue this field, after a recommendation from one of the scholars in the workshop who told me (in which I will paraphrase) that a perfect knowledge in the field of econometrics will be handy when tackling stochastic numerical statistics using correct economic theory models.
I’m sure that the methodical tools that I will employ during my academic research, general guidance and assistance that will be offered by the renowned Faculty of Hay University will help me to become a better individual like the hordes of alumnus who have been attracted to your university, worldwide.

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