Stamford Plaza Hotels “Grow a Greener Future” Initiative

Stamford Plaza Hotels “Grow a Greener Future” Initiativelook at more than one side of your chosen issue and to explore various perspectives before coming to your informed decision. It is designed to be an exchange of ideas and applying your knowledge and experience to the theoretical structure of Introduction to accommodation management.MUST INCLUDE A POWERPOINT PRESENTATION AND A WRITTEN SCRIPT.PRESENTATION MUST LAST BETWEEN 15 TO 20 MINS.The case study presentation must be submitted in compliance with the following:Introduction of case study topicThe background of the case study is briefly presented.Any key issues of case study outlined.Identification of:Significant issues within the case study.Possible causes of these issues.Include discussion of the roles and responsibilities of accommodation managers in relation to the issues and causes.Strategies:Description of any strategies used to resolve the issues or improve the situation identified in the case study.Evaluation of those strategies.Throughout the above three areas:Reference to accommodation management principles.Reference to accommodation management best practice.Examples of real-world situations.Evidence of where issues or causes may occur outside of the realm of the case study (other hotels / resorts, etc) and other strategies that may have improved the situation in those areas.

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