Sport and Social Class

Sport and Social ClassThis assignment should be 8 – 10 type written pages and include at least 6 primary supporting references to academic journal articles and/or sport sociology texts, in addition to personal reflection, analysis, and application.The title page and bibliography are not included in the page count. Some assignment choices may require the inclusion of photos and diagrams or involve the presentation of record keeping tables and analysis. Cover the topic succinctly and with sufficient detail and referencing. Some topics may lend themselves to including original and creative content to enhance the quality of the presentation and concepts covered. Primary supporting references include interviews, books, and academic journal articles. Secondary sources, that should be limited in use, include the internet, magazines, and news articles (secondary sources included are in addition to primary sources). Assignments should present detailed and quality critical analysis of content.Topic: Sport and Social ClassSelect a sport that is considered to be a sport for the upper class. Then select one professional athlete in that sport and compile a biographical sketch of them, with an emphasis on their social class background. Select a sport that is considered to be a sport for the working class. Then select a professional athlete from that sport and do the same. Discuss the implications of how sport and social class interact, along with the notion of upward mobility being achieved through sport. Trace how each athlete’s social background influenced their athletic career. Compare and contrast the experiences of the athletes you have chosen to study.

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