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selfridges’ expansion–a new store open plan in China

Topic: selfridges’ expansion–a new store open plan in ChinaOrder Descriptiondevelop a written proposal. This proposal should demonstrate that you have read extensivelyaround the topic and is based on solid preliminary investigation into the research area. Your FinalProject Proposal should include the following:1. Proposal Title Page (Appendix 3)2. AbstractYour abstract is a summary of your assignment and should include your research question andyour keywords. Your abstract should clearly and concisely explain what you will do and how youwill do it.3. IntroductionThe introduction should include your research aims, why you think your research questionimportant to answer now, and how your research relates to the fashion industry and tomarketing and management.4. Literature ReviewReview the academic research that has been published. Explain how this body of research isrelevant or related to your project, which academic literature you will use in your project andwhy, and how this research has rounded your ideas. Your review of the literature should be acritical analysis of peer-reviewed literature, pointing to questions that can form the basis of yourresearch question.5. MethodologyThis section should include your research question(s). You will then need to provide a detailedexplanation of how you will collect your research data (data collection methods), as well as thetools of analysis you will use to interpret that data (analysis methods). You will also need toexplain how these methods and tools of analysis will answer your research question(s).56. TimetableCreate a schedule for your work. You should include a list of start and end dates for all the tasksin your project. Some of the tasks included might be:? finding relevant literature? reading the literature that you have gathered and analyzing it? researching possible methods? data collection? data analysis? writing up your final project? proof reading? any other tasks relevant to your individual project.Make sure you allow for any problems that may cause your timetable to change unexpectedly.7. List of References8. ERGO Documentation and SubmissionIf you intend to carry out any primary research that involves people, you will need to submit arequest through the university’s ethics system, ERGO. This submission must be made at the sametime as your Final Project Proposal. This also applies to online research that uses data about humansubjects. You must follow it even if you are only using pre-existing data, such as Twitter users’ tweetsor information from a forum. It is your responsibility to determine if ethical approval is needed foryour research. Ask a tutor if you are in any doubt.Southampton uses an online system called ERGO for the research-approval process. Researchersmust submit a detailed plan to ERGO for approval before conducting the research. It will then beassessed and either approved or rejected. If it is rejected, it will be possible to amend the plan andresubmit it. You must assume that the first step in this process takes approximately one month tocomplete. Please note: the form you will fill in when submitting research to ERGO requires a greatdeal of detail about the research. If it is not clear, the research will not be approved.Remember; when developing your project you should bear in mind these three critical factors:1. Acceptability – will it be approved by the University’s Ethics Committee (if you areconducting primary research)? Will it produce new knowledge at an MA level?2. Suitability – Consider whether you are able to create a suitable research design for yourPathway.3. Feasibility – you need to make sure that you can complete your Final Project in the time thatyou have and to a high enough standard. Also consider whether you have access to thenecessary data sources.THE REFERENCE STYLY SHOULD BE HARVARD STYLE AND AMOUNT SHOUD BE NO LESS THAN 7

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