Select and analyze two functions of the Bureau of Industry and Security, and discuss how they represent the overall mission of the agency.

A. << EXPORT DOCUMENTS ARE IMPORT DOCUMENTS. This simple statement is the foundation of a successful export program. Rushing a shipment out of the warehouse door should not undermine the importance of documentation, packing, marking, and labeling. Falling down on any one of these elements risks customs delays, monetary penalties, and a dissatisfied customer. There is also the added responsibility of export compliance. Managing an export compliance program requires diligence, recurring training, and senior management support. >>

1. “Export documents are import documents.” Explain what is meant by this statement and how it applies to the purchasing function.
2. Select and analyze two functions of the Bureau of Industry and Security, and discuss how they represent the overall mission of the agency.

3. You are responsible for developing the reasonable care standard within your organization that will govern how customs requirements will be addressed. Discuss how you would create an organizational policy that takes into account the guidelines that will meet current customs regulations.
4. Imagine that your organization’s shipments are regularly turned back as a result of customs’ inspections. Explain how you would develop a troubleshooting plan that would identify and address the problem.

5. To ensure that compliance management is effectively implemented, senior management endorsement, education and training, and ownership are necessary. Describe how you would manage all of these elements in order to become the “go to” person in your company.
6. Evaluate how the audit process monitors the compliance management structure to ensure its purpose is intact.

B. ( 1st e-actvity) watch this video:

Use the Internet to locate and research a company with a foreign exporting strategic plan. Be prepared to discuss.
( 2nd activity) Go to Interbrand’0 s Website and choose three of the top 100 Global Brands. Click on the interactive block for each of the selected companies to access more information about the brand. Click on for information on the system that Interbrand uses to rank companies. Be prepared to discuss.

7. compare and contrast the approach to product adaptation in foreign markets from the video you viewed to the company that you researched. Examine the similarities that you notice between the two companies.
8. When looking to adjust a strategy for a new country, determine the information that is needed to make decisions regarding what to adjust within the strategy. Provide ideas about where to find the information, and which information you find the most important.

9. Consider a local product that you would like to market globally. Determine the steps that you would take to analyze the cultural and psychological factors affecting adaptation.
10. From the second e-Activity, describe the companies you selected and analyze common themes among the companies. Determine how these characteristics will help with product adaptation.

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