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Select a social institution and discuss how the group has been or currently is mistreated, underrepresented or harmed.

Select one racial, religious, ethnic, disability, political, gender or sexual orientation group in America that has endured discrimination. Some topics that may be selected are; the elderly, AIDS/HIV victims, minorities, religious groups, etc. Pick a topic you are genuinely interested in and this paper will be much easier to complete. We will discuss the expectations for this paper in class. But if you are unsure of the topic you are interested in, please discuss it with me prior to completing the paper.

Each of the 5 topics should be addressed and in order. One page per topic is expected. You will not be penalized if you exceed the deliverable length of 5 pages.

1. Summarize a specific incident in which your selected group endured prejudice, discrimination and/or persecution. Include the reason the group was mistreated. 25 points

2. Select a social institution and discuss how the group has been or currently is mistreated, underrepresented or harmed. 25 points

3. Identify the current laws that protect these groups from discrimination. (POSITIVE) and/or the laws that have affected your selected group. (NEGATIVE). 25 points

4. Address their present day social standing-demographic variables- in comparison to the dominate group. Also, incorporate personal example and/or observations. 25 points

5. Apply one of the three major sociological theories to the selected topic. 25 points.

6. MLA formatting, sources cited properly, spelling and grammar. 25 points

All work must be typed; no handwritten assignments will be accepted (12 point font, double spaced, 5 pages long, APA format). Also, you must staple your paper, please do NOT submit your paper in a binder, folder or in a paper cover.

A hardcopy of the paper must be turned in to me prior to the deadline and a copy electronically submitted to the ASSIGNMENT link within Blackboard course homepage . If you receive a similarity score of 25% or higher, you must resubmit the paper. I will not accept a paper with a score in excess of 25%.

and the topic need to provide.

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