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Rosewood Hotels and Resorts

Rosewood Hotels and Resorts
In order to increase customer profitability, companies need to borrow the conjecture used by the Rosewood Hotels and Resorts. This involves the remarkable fete of offering not only unique but also peculiar and extra-ordinary properties. To catch the attention of clients the companies have got to implement innovative inputs such as in the form of architecture, location and culture. The hotels need to blend in to the forms of life found in its location. The menu should also be appealing to the eye. This would involve serving meals that are not only tantalizing, but also unique. The quality of the meals should act as baits to attract. Perhaps this can be summed up by the old adage,” don’t substitute quantity for quality.”The uniqueness of the services sets the company in its own caliber where it means so much because the other business rivals are smacked a blow with offers making the company stand on its own ground. The management of Rosewood Hotels and Resorts has taken the company’s marketing to not only new height but also to unprecedented scopes .The company creates awareness of its existence by putting its logos on various items among them clothes hangers and stationery. The items may be purchased by people of the lower drawers (low societal classes) but there are no limitations to who will or won’t acquire richness. The company uses that remarkable fete to introduce itself to future clients. The company is relentless in its marketing as it continues to voice its presence to the upper drawers-the people regarded with high esteem in the social societies-by printing the company’s logo in the items that they are likely bound to buy regularly such as bathrobes and towels. The purchasers of the items may notice and make nothing of the logo but maybe in future, when perhaps scrolling inn the phone directories of hotels and resorts, they may stumble upon the same logo and there will be a high probability and possibility that they may want to sample the company. Once they try it and are satisfied with its offers and services, they may opt over and over again their initial options when they need hotel accommodations or any services in the future. The Rosewood Hotels’ management encourages the frequent customers with the allurement of rewards if they stay in any of their properties regardless of their locality. The company also takes into deep considerations the various tastes and needs of their clients which range from training their workers to consider the clients in their personal problems. Also, there are not fixed rules that clients cannot make their choices that range from flexible check-ins and check-outs and also the flexibility to place particular specific rooms and also offering other personalized services. The company’s management has upgraded their services to cutting edge with new innovations such as guest-recognition services. The company tracks and learns the trend of its clients in the rooms preferences and the type of meals that they opt and then are visioning of uploading that the data about every client in their global data warehouse. It can pay huge dividends on its customer care services and the clients can get their preferences and choices upon other future bookings on any of their hotels and resorts. The company also borrows the marketing tips that are depicted by other rival companies among them offering uncomplicated food among other services such as spa treatments. This puts the hotel among the list that offers the best services and also gives it a footing in the corporate business. (Chekitan, 2007)
Chekitan, D. (2007). Rosewood Hotels & Resorts : Branding to increase customer profitability and lifetine value. Boston: Harvard Business Publishing.

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