Role of Iran

This paper is meant to discuss the threats which faced the GCC and different roles which Iran played in these threats. It will also discuss relationships of Shi’i and Sunni, proliferation of WMD, role of monarchy, recent uprising in the region: Bahrain, Egypt and Iraq – present of foreign armies
In the introduction the causes of the threats to GCC are to be discussed. An introduction of who contributed to the threats and when the threats occurred. The kind of threats which occurred will also be highlighted. It will bring out a clear understanding of the whole issues of the U.S invasion and how the threats spread from Iraq to other GCC countries. It will also bring about the strategies which were taken to curb these threats and conflicts which arose in deciding on the strategy to be applied.
Role of Iran
Iran played a role in posing threats to the GCC countries. In this section we will clearly discuss the roles which were played by Iran in causing the threats. Some of the contribution factors which were carried out by Iran will be discussed based on the explanation that its contribution to the thread led to the role it played. In this section also there will be discussions on whether Iran played any role towards resolving the challenges and threats facing the GCC countries.
Shi’i and Sunni Relationships
In this section the definitions of Shi’i and Sunni will be defined stating what each of them entails. Secondly it will be stated where each of them is practiced more. After this the relations between the two of the will be discussed. The relationships to be discussed are both positive and negative relationships. Conflicts between those who practice the two will be discussed stating the threats and wars which occurred due to these conflicts. Also it will state why the conflicts occurred and why one of them felt superior to the other.
Proliferation on WMD
First, a clear discussion of weapons of mass destruction will be given stating their types and the ones which were used to pose threats and challenges to GCC. The countries that were in possession of these weapons of mass destruction will also be stated. After this, a clear explanation of what proliferation of weapons of mass destruction is will be given. Discussions will also be done on the advantages and disadvantages of proliferation of WMD. After this different strategies which can be used for proliferation WMD will be discussed stating those who were in possession of them and if they were willing to proliferate them or not. It will also touch on the challenges which came with proliferation of WMD.
The Role of Monarchy Will There Be Republics and the Abolition in Monarchy
In this section roles played by Monarchy will be discussed. The paper will also discuss if the monarchy will be abolished or not and there will be republics or not.
Recent Uprising in the Region: Bahrain, Egypt
There are recent uprising in the region and this section will discuss each of them.
Iraq – Present of Foreign Armies
This section will discuss the present foreign armies and how they have affected Iran.
Conclusions will be based on discussions on the threats to GCC.
This is going to be based on the weaknesses which GCC has in dealing with threats. They will also be based on the posers of the threat.

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