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Review a multitude of leadership theories and consider which theory resonates with the type of leader

Guidelines for the Leadership Theory Assignment

The purpose of this paper is for the student to review a multitude of leadership theories and consider which theory resonates with the type of leader they want to be.
o Papers should be written at the graduate level
o Papers will be graded on:
o Conciseness and accuracy of the description of the theory
o Richness of the application to their work as a nurse – give specific examples
o writing style, grammar, spelling
o Adherence to the paper guidelines provided
o Due Date
o Papers are due at the beginning of class. After this date and time, papers will be considered late.
o All papers must be submitted in hardcopy.
o Two additional references are required that are closely related to the theory are required, beyond the powerpoint, textbook chapters, and required course reading. These references should be from a nursing journal, a leadership journal, or preferably an original work by the theorist. Make sure you have citations throughout the paper to indicate where your information came from.
o Grades for late assignments will be decreased by 10% for each day late, after the specified due date/time.
o The text of the paper (not including title page, and reference list) should be between 2-3 pages, and typed using strict APA format. If the text of the paper is less than 2 pages or more than 3 pages, significant points will be deducted.
o Follow the APA manual (6th edition) for referencing, writing style guidelines etc.
o Direct, verbatim quoting should be at a minimum. At this level students should be paraphrasing versus copying quotes unless doing so changes the meaning of the quote. Overuse of quotes will result in zero points.
o One point will be deducted for each APA error.
o The paper will be worth 100 points; points will be allotted as noted on the grade sheet.
o Students are encouraged to see course faculty for questions regarding APA format, or questions about plagiarism/academic honesty in writing research papers.
o The Writing Center is available to assist students with writing style.
o Violations of academic honesty when writing this paper are taken very seriously and will result in receiving a zero on this paper. If you are unsure about correct referencing of citations, please see the course faculty early in the semester. Lack of understanding of correct referencing will not be an acceptable explanation if an academic honesty violation occurs.

Grading Criteria for the Leadership Theory Assignment

Criteria Comments Possible
Points Earned
• Clearly summarizes and analyzes the main premises of the theory
• Puts the theory into historical perspective if appropriate
• Clearly gives specific examples of how the ideas in the theory will be applied in your work as a nurse; avoids general application statements; examples are specific
• Content presented demonstrates that the student has thought through and personalized leadership concepts
• Content is obtained from course information and required outside references (-10 points if appropriate references are not used)

Writing Style
Text of paper is 2-3 pages of text; you will lose points if your paper length does not fall into this range; I stop reading at the end of 3 pages.

Style is that of a scholarly paper and contains the following:
• introduction previews major points
• purpose and objectives are clearly defined
• major points are supported and organized in a logical fashion
• each paragraph is clear and contains 1 major idea
• paragraph transitions are present and maintain the flow of thought
• sentences are complete, clear and concise
• ideas stated clearly and concisely
• conclusion reviews major points
• conclusion is logical and flows from the body of the paper
• conclusions are supported by data
• grammar and spelling are correct
APA Format

Follows strict APA in the following areas:
• Font, margins, spacing, page numbers
• Title Page with running head
• Appropriate citations in the text of the paper
• Correct Reference page
• Other APA formatting guidelines
• One point is deducted for each APA error

Loss of 10% (or 10 points) for each day late, at the beginning of class If your paper does not have citations, it will receive a zero.

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