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Research the DSM (Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) and list the signs and symptoms of depression.

You are a counselor at the Oasis Rehabilitation and Treatment Center, a court-mandated criminal justice facility, where ex-offenders who have problems with substance abuse live and are cared for.
The rules clearly state that no drugs are tolerated on the premises. Should any one of the house inhabitants break this rule then the consequences are immediate discharge from the treatment program. Each new member is informed of this rule upon their arrival and is asked to sign a promise to keep it. One morning when the personnel arrive at the treatment center they find the place in chaos. There has been partying during the weekend involving the use of cocaine. Urine tests show that at least three of the inmates – John, Brian, and Leon – have clearly been offenders of this recent incident. It is suspected that others have also participated, but of this there is no proof.
According to the rules these three offenders should now be discharged, but there is disagreement among the personnel. Some say discharge is the only reasonable action since they have clearly broken the treatment centers most important rule. Any exception to this would simply undermine the rules and lessen confidence in the treatment and the personnel.
Others argue that an exception should be made in this case since a discharge would have serious consequences and perhaps even lead to some person’s early demise. John has been in and out of treatment and detention institutions since the age of eight. He has now for the first time been able to receive the help offered and has begun to achieve some kind of order in his life. He has been at Oasis for a long time and it is an important source of stability for him. The personnel fear that discharging him will send him back to drugs and other more serious criminal activity. If Leon is discharged several of the personnel are concerned that he may fall into a deep depression and become suicidal.
1. Research the DSM (Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) and list the signs and symptoms of depression.

2. Prepare a completed social history of Leon (if you need to be creative that is okay).

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