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Research and write about the Pink Floyd album, ‘Meddle’.

Five Pages of text plus a bibliography of sources, double-spaced, 12-point font, regular margins.

Research and write about the Pink Floyd album, ‘Meddle’. The essay should balance discussions of the albums music, its recording production, and its life as a commercial product. The research should seek to explain the production, promotion, and consumption (distribution, sales, critical response) of the album. In other words, describe the album as a produced and marketed consumer good. Consider the questions below for guidance. Then focus on three topics that have the most compelling information.

-How was the album recorded (live or studio recording, production techniques, creativity in the recording process, who deserves credit?)

-How did the music influence the recording techniques and how did the recording techniques affect the music? In other words, discuss the music with regards to the recording process.

-What was the business agreement for the recording and its distribution (producer, label, distributor, ownership, royalties)? Did this affect the music or recording process?

-How and where was it marketed, promoted, advertised (radio, print, film, video; locally, regionally, nationally, internationally)? Did the music and its recording process affect how and where is could be marketed?

-On what formats was it distributed and how did these formats compare in sales and over time (LP, cassette, 8-track)? How did distribution and sales change with new formats (CDs, MP3s)?

-What did critics and consumers think of the album (the music, the production, the marketing)? Did popular opinion change over time?

-What was the historical or cultural context and impact of the recording when made and released?

Include background information only as needed to support your points. Be sure to mention the song writers, composers, arrangers, musicians, band, music, and historical setting, but only as brief background information on supporting information when it is relevant for explaining the main topics of the paper. For instance, do not spend too much time describing the musicians’ or band’s history.

The research paper should use appropriately and convincingly the following sources:

-if possible, us the liner notes from the recording for basic information and clues. Discography websites also contain this information; but double check two to ensure accuracy.

-At least two credible discographies, thereby allowing you to verify basic information about the recording.

-At least one relevant and useful book.

Citations and annotations: In your essay, cite each source in a footnote as you use information from the source and provide a succinct description and critical evaluation of that source to demonstrate that you have carefully considered the benefits and limitations of each resource you use. Annotate the citations with your assessments either in the first footnote or in a bibliography.

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