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Research Allegory in Animal Farm

Researching Allegory in Animal Farm
Animal Farm, by George Orwell, separates socialism from communism by creating an allegory for the Russian Revolution. Orwell replaces real figures of the Revolution with animals to depict their true nature. By creating a failed utopia based on communist ideals, he shows how power directly leads to corruption and control over groups of individuals.
This week you will begin researching how Orwell uses different symbols to create his allegory. You will choose 3 elements to research including events and people of the Russian Revolution. The final part of your research will be connecting these three events and characters to Animal Farm itself. You will focus on how Orwell represents these events or characters and why he chooses to do so in this way.
You will create a research paper using the following prompt:
ExamineAnimal Farm’srole as an allegory about the Russian Revolution by researching and explaining the different symbols.
Use the prompt above to help guide and narrow down your research.

Research Schedule:
Monday, April 4- Research presentation by Mrs. Shanahan in the LIBRARY
Wednesday, April 6- Research finished back in ROOM 306

Research Requirements:
Focus on 3 things-events and characters
Find at least 3 library sources and 2 internet sources (not Wikipedia)
Use Animal Farm as your final source
5-7 pages (more than 5 paragraphs)
Use to create citations for each of your articles right away
Read each article, highlighting/annotating as you go
Compile notes from each article that will assist in responding to the prompt
Notes should not be direct quotes
Paraphrase the information to avoid plagiarizing!
Notes will be collected with your final paper

Topics you have to use to compare to animal farm are below
Joseph Stalin
Purges and show trials
The Great Purge
Please make a strong thesis for me. You basically need to compare the Russian revolution to the three topics above. Make sure to have work cited. Also if you could add a page of all the notes and research you used. And make sure to paraphrase everything you used. Also if you could not make it so sophisticated. Make it kinda simple with info. Don’t use too much advanced vocabulary. I’m a sophomore in high school. I need you to attach a page of info/ notes / research you did. Also make sure to do a work cited with the 8 sources. 4 book sources Internet.

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