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research a potential entry-level career in one of the mass media industries and how the related industry and career opportunities within the industry are being affected by media convergence.

Project description
JRN 108: World of Media
Final Paper Instructions
No Late Papers Will be Accepted

For the final paper of this this course, you will research a potential entry-level career in one of the mass media industries discussed in Chapters 3,4, 6,7,8,9,10, or 11 of the textbook, Media Now and discuss how the related industry and career opportunities within the industry are being affected by media convergence.

Your final paper should be 6 to 8 pages, double-spaced, with Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, and have 1-inch margins. Be sure to include your name clearly at the top of your paper.

Please also include the text of the job posting that youll locate as part of this assignment. The job posting is not included in the page limits listed above. Please DO NOT Provide a URL to the job positing, but rather the actual text, as the job posting may disappear as the position is filled.

The first step of this assignment is to locate an actual job posting for an entry-level job in one of these media industries. An entry-level job is one that requires minimal or no professional work experience, perhaps previous internships.

There are a number of Websites that post media jobs. You can use one of these websites or another source to find a job posting:

LinkedIn is also a good source to browse.

Next, I want you to pretend that youre advising a college student such as yourself that is interesting in this position; the student is interested in your expertise on the industry, as well as your knowledge about what it takes to get an entry-level job in the industry. Please address these questions in detail, weaving your answers into a single, narrative report, rather than responding to the individual question as such:

How is media convergence affecting the industry of which this job posting is apart? How healthy is the industry overall? What challenges and opportunities exist within the industry due to media convergence? What impact are changes within the industry having on society, if any?
What is the function of this entry-level job within the larger industry? How has this job and related functions within the industry changed over time? How is this job likely to continue to change?
What knowledge and skills does this specific entry-level position require? How does one acquire this knowledge/skills as a student through course-work, internships, and other learning and networking opportunities?
How is the current state of the industry not only affecting the availability/competitiveness (current and future) of this type of entry-level position? For example, are the number of these positions growing or shrinking in the industry?
What are the long-term career prospects for someone starting out in this entry-level role? How is the long-term job security and ability to grow within the industry beyond this entry-level position?
What concluding advice would you give to a student who is still studying but wants to be competitive for this type of entry-level position within the next couple of years?

Your paper should utilize at least four sources in addition to citing appropriate portions of Media Now, and other materials presented as part of this course (Liner Notes, Online Supplements, etc. ). Please use APA (6th edition) formatting to acknowledge your sources. Here is a helpful website to guide you through the proper formatting of your citations:

Grading rubric (100 pts. total)
Completeness (40 pts./40%): Is assignment complete? Does it substantially address those questions listed above?
Writing (30 pts./30%): Did the assignment use proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, style, and construction? Was writing on-topic and concise? Was the assignment well organized, reflecting thoughtful consideration of an effective introduction, valid arguments supported by evidence, clear analysis, and an effective conclusion?
Sources (30 pts./30%): Did the assignment cite relevant course content where appropriate? Did the author use at least four additional sources? Were sources cited appropriately? Did the assignment reflect an ability to synthesize information from a variety of credible sources? Did sources add substantially to the discussion of the above prompts?
Instruction files

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