renewable energy ( QUESTION IS BELOW PLS)

renewable energy ( QUESTION IS BELOW PLS)THIS IS THE FULL QUESTION. (Section 88 of the Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development: Our Common Future, 1987 (Brundtland Report) states:“The Commission believes that every effort should be made to develop the potential for renewable energy, which should form the foundation of the global energy structure during the 21st Century.…Developing countries lack the resources to finance all but a small fraction of this cost although they will be important users and possibly even exporters. Large-scale financial and technical assistance will therefore be required.”Almost thirty years have transpired since this statement was made in 1987, and there has been very uneven progress across nations towards achieving RE’s potential. Based on this reality, students are required to:• Critically assess the statement that renewable energy should form the foundation of the global energy structure during the 21st Century• Critically evaluate the final two sentences marked in bold, and assess the progress (or lack of it) made in RE usage in one developing country over this period, explaining why this has been the case.)ASSMANN, D., LAUMANNS, U. and UH, D., eds., 2006. Renewable energy: a global review of technologies, policies and markets. London: Earthscan. ebook2. BOYLE, G., 2012. Renewable energy. 3rd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press.3. MALLON, K., ed., 2006. Renewable energy policy and politics: a handbook for decision-making. London: Earthscan. ebook4. OLLA, P., 2012. Global sustainable development and renewable energy systems. Hershey, PA.: IGI Global. ebook5. ROGGENKAMP, M.M. et al., eds., 2012. Energy networks and the law: innovative solutions in changing markets. Oxford: Oxford University Press. ebook6. SORENSEN, B., 2010. Renewable energy. 4th ed. London: Elsevier. ebook7. TWIDELL, J. and WEIR, T., 2006. Renewable energy resources. 2nd ed. London: Taylor and Francis. ebookNOTE: MY WORK SHOULD NOT BE RESTRICTED TO THESE BOOKS ALONE.PLEASE.

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