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Reflective report

Reflective report
My reflection of my experience with the unit
The various assignments, group / individual tasks and various other tools and techniques that are offered in institutions are to the advantages of those given. First, the projects and assignments, make the students hone their communication skills but in the writing and oral. Second, since when the students are working on the assignments and the projects work as a team and therefore, the article has shed the usefulness of working with the others in a bid to achieve share goals.
Third, we get to experience and get knowledge in the fields whereby we didn’t know. For example, just like in the unit where the writer says that “we were given a “Belbin” exercise which I have not experienced before”. Fourth, the unit has stressed the importance that the writer had after they were given a “Belbin” experience since the teams in the projects were assessed and the characteristics of every individual reflected during their time in the projects and assignments like where the writer of the article says, “Team worker roles reflect me as well as I am very flexible, adaptable and a calming influence to others.”
The article enlightens on the importance of taking different roles so that one can know where he or she is best suited like how the writer in the role of a resource investigator, fit for the roles of good communication, beneficial options and efficient usage of the resources. The unit soberly pipes the importance of IDS since the participants get to present their work and advance their skills since they get to get the feedbacks of their work presentations,” other tasks such as PowerPoint presentations and getting feedback and apply the templates in the improvement of their communication skills. The article discusses on using to the fullest advantage and the importance of self learning and performance.
The article shows the importance of how the participants can improve their weaknesses by pointing at them by being pressed on proving evidence on how they can improve them. The article shows how tight schedules can improve time management since one is forced to meet the deadlines before they can be due in for. The participants also get to know their preferences according to the way they handle the information both for the understanding (input) and the way they express them (output) of the ideas and information.
The participants also get to know the interpretation of numerical information and how to competently use it which can be applied in real-life situations such as assessments of commodities and items. The lessons learnt can also be used in assisting others with both support and good teaching. I learnt that various sources such as websites can be handy when it comes to looking for important information such as statistical data like the rates of divorce, crime rates and educational data and also the importance of the sources when working on assignments that require evidence.
The unit taught that future careers need be chose with uttermost care since employment and employers look for certain factors and thereby the importance of learning them before the career courses are undertaken, and tips that could come in handy when applying for jobs. As the article draws to an end, it aptly puts the need for consulting career advisors whose consultation advises on the career making and the application of jobs.

An evaluation of my skill development and learning in relation to each of the unit’s learning outcomes
I have learnt that the assignments, group and individual tasks or even the projects that the participants are given in particular projects are meant to improve their techniques: whether communicative skills, mutual dependency when they work in groups and bringing out the places where their roles fit best, improve on their techniques and skills when they forward presentations and get feedbacks, assess and develop their plans. Since the projects required the contribution of every individual, I developed my skills that self learning is very important. I learnt and developed my skills on the importance of working as a group and also how the development of communication skills and the importance of the efficient use of resources.
On the issue of assignment presentations, I developed my skills after the feedback of the presentations since it pointed out the areas that I needed to look on. I developed my skills when we were needed to make an action plan at the start of the year (Brenda, 1998). I developed my skills, more so, after being given timed work which had to meet the deadlines before they were due. On the roles where I was the resource investigator and was the team I developed my communication skills so that I could be as per the expectations of the teammates. When I was identifying my learning style, where I was needed to take in ideas and the output of ideas and information, I learnt how to develop ideas from other ideas.
Specific learning achievements
I identified my strengths and weaknesses and learnt and found that they greatly determine my targets and the objectives. I used the resources efficiently when we were working as a group. After making a presentation of my work and getting feedbacks, I learnt how to be efficient by reading the requirements that are highlighted on the feedback. I have learnt the importance of consistency after working on work that need to meet the deadlines. I learnt how I can apply the skills that I learnt in the interpretation and application of numerical information so as to choose the best commodities and items for the lowest prices. I learnt other skills of searching for information so that my presentations can not only be of better quality but also free of plagiarism.
I have learnt that rather than first hand information that is got from the field, there can be other sources such as websites that can be used in assessing statistical data such as crime rates. I have the need of consulting career advisers before one choosing a particular field that would be my career since the advisers are familiar with the career fields. I have learnt how to provide answers regarding my strengths, weaknesses and other questions that employers may ask for. The covering letters and CVs have given me what is expected of me while applying for jobs.
Consider the future of these achievements
They can bring mutual dependency where the people would be working as a team rather than as individuals. Assignments and projects that require the participants being grouped like in the “Belbin” exercise will identify and bring out individual qualities that can impact on the society.
Future job applicants will strive to achieve the strengths that employers seek, strive to overcome the weaknesses that employers avoid and this will bring out high quality job seeking applicants and the result is that when they land on their jobs they will have high quality outputs. When various sources are used to search for data and information, such as websites, they will avoid future legal cases since they will prevent cases where varying authors sue each other due to plagiarized work. Unnecessary first hand information, after being searched on the various sources such as website, will save time that can be applied somewhere else.
Like in the unit’s example where the team members had assignments such as PowerPoint presentation and getting feedbacks, it will teach them how to follow the requirements of an assignment to the end when they are employed in future. Team groups where every team member will have a specific task required from him, such as in the case where when the article writer was a resource investigator discovered that he could provide good communication, will make them confidence in future when performing different roles in the society or at work. Shoppers will save time and money since when they learn to interpret and apply numerical information can research where they can get the best from the market using little money.
When people are enrolled in such courses in the unit and are pressed to work under tight schedules where they are to meet deadlines before they are due in for will make them competent and consistent employees once they are employed. When the career advisers such as Christine Smith and Husain from the Luton campus are consulted, career choosers will get the career field that they best qualify for and will deliver maximum and quality output.

Brenda, R. (1998). Graduate studies. North Sidney: Hobsons Press.

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