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Using the problem statement points out the issues clearly and briefly. Literally, this helps the reader of the proposal to quickly grasp the implications covered by the information organizations. Knowledge of the problem statement structure is of great significance as it enables the writer of the proposal to highlight the problem starkly.
According to my subjective opinion, I think the solutions proposed are relatively good but not perfect enough. However, they will provide the organization with information and the consequences when carrying out changes or making developments. This is because these solutions involve various departments of the organization side, employees and the customers. Furthermore, the solutions addressed many facets of the problem relevant to the organizational change.
The solutions were not only linked but also emphasized and stated clearly because the recommendations and the conclusion are directed to the main problem that highlighted by the problem statement .
I believe that the proposal is based on excellent resources obtained from a variety of databases though the QUT library. To prove this, I got evidence from reliable scholarly websites. To cap it all, in the proposal, I relied on a sundry of resources including and not limited to academic articles, case studies, business cases.
I think searching for a specific organization would be relatively easy compared to searching generally. This is because I can do a survey on the staff or learn about their issues through their organization’s website. This will be helpful to me as I focus on the issues they are facing at the moment. Therefore, based on the problems of this organization, I can be in a position to recommend relevant solutions that it requires.
Every work has got its strengths and weaknesses. However, the lesson is to strengthen weaknesses. In this proposal, I evaluated, analyzed, and deeply searched to find out the core issues and problems by referring to multiple cases and studying lots of academic articles that whose authors expatiated on the failure of keeping up with change in the information organizations. Thus, I believe that the proposal has covered the topic sufficiently. In regard to the weakness points, I agree with the fact that there was some disunity in terms of ideas and opinions with my partner but we have solved albeit after a long time because of the diversity of the topic that we selected.
Understanding and deeply analyzing the problem normally is time-consuming, specifically, if there wasn’t clarity in the problem. I think that after completing this assignment, I will opine that I learned how to read the problem statement carefully, and get an accurate comprehension of the problem. Moreover, I learned how to recognize the relevant and irrelevant information. Certainly, this will help me to find, and suggest the possible and useful solutions.
Self-Allocation of Grades

To sum it all up, I did my best to complete the third assignment and I believe that the most important thing that I have learned from this assignment is how to work under tight schedules. This is because, at the end of the semester, there were many assignments and meetings which had to be finalized. I also believe that after completing this work, it will provide useful information, and with excellent resources and issues. To wrap it up, depending on the marking criteria, I can award myself 6 out of 7 because the issues were not only clearly specified but also were analyzed thoroughly and were well literary supported.


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