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Reflection of Communication and Information Management

Reflection of Communication and Information Management
A Master of Science degree in Communications and Information Management (CIM) can be said to be a study which by the end of it the qualifiers should be in a position to express and use the learnt theories of information and communication; invent, apply and assess the setbacks in information of communication business and specialized environments that comprise the designing of services that are computer-based (such as web); expression of the connection between the information sciences such the human conduct and the effects of the progression in communication technology; and expressing the understanding of organizations in relation to communication and information analysis.
Having acquired a degree in Communication and Information Management, I will use the knowledge gained to develop the communication and information sector. Among the goals of communication and information degree was the articulation and application theories and principles. Therefore I will try to impact the society by implementing the learnt knowledge. Since the knowledge was theoretical, I will try to figure out the practical sides of it by implementing the ideas on the society. To give an example, I would apply for a technical position in the already existing communication services. If my plea is granted I would concentrate on how I can create features that can use in the network of the company: an innovation such as a tariff who bill can be settled annually. If the communication bill can be set in such a way that if compared to the rest of the billing tariffs can be advantageous, then more customers can subscribe since it would have saved them extra money. The next goal of communications and information is not only to design but also evaluate the problems that arise in the communication sector of which includes website design and management. I can programme the computers and the websites in such a way the customers from the various shopping malls, supermarkets and the hypermarkets can shop choose the items online, order online and also pay online. It would be possible because huge shopping malls such as the Amazon in the U.S. apply such services whereby the company just deliver the items that are ordered and paid for online. In my society whereby such a service never exists, it would be a welcome since it would have reduced the hustle and bustle of customers who shop straight from the company’s shelves. Bearing the fact that the communication and information graduates are computer experts, they are supposed to have all resolutions to the diagnosis of computer problems. The skills can be applied by being stored whereby, those that need to use the information can acquire the information can get it through Google search engines. Of course with a small cost!
The graduates of communication and information can offer a website whereby the computers users can Google and with small costs, be shown in a method of one-on-one how they can solve their computer problems. As An information and communication graduate I can also be in position create gadgets that once activated will avoid the entrance of unwanted computer based emails. In the society, there are rising cases whereby kidnappers use the phones of their victim to order ransoms. Thereby, I can work on how it would be possible to track all the phone calls of tghe subscribers and monitor their conversation. The phones that are found to be used in such bad conducts can be tapped and disconnected from the communication networks and thereby thwarting the efforts of kidnappers and curbing that illegal and immoral activity (Hunter Gordon, 2005).
Possessing a Masters in communications and Information means that as a graduate, I can be in a position to invent new innovations such as whereby the clients that are Google searching can use voice commands instead of entering the words one by one manually. The method can not only save the Google researchers their money, but it’s also efficient since it saves them time. Since few people don’t use their cards when travelling overseas can be in a position to technically merge their subscribed network in satellites so that they can even use their SIM cards even when they are roaming in far distances. I can also design the computers in such a way that they can be commandeered to publish, print or even send information to their respective recipients. Seeing that there are no computers, phones or any forms of communication media that operate without supply of power, I can try to research and use my innovation ideas that were acquired in the university to invent some forms of communication media that can be used in places that are marginalized (with no power supply) or that can be carried to track and trace people during emergency situations such as armed forces operatives when combating terrorists in war-ravaged places. The gadgets can also be designed in such a way that they can be to navigate the armed forces where there are terrorists by heat sensing methods of which have been tested and proved possible. If I can invent such gadgets, they can also be used by the forest rangers in tracking and tracing wild animals that have strayed away from their forest confines.

Hunter Gordon, B. (2005). Advanced Topics in Global Information Management,Volume 4. London: Idea Group Inc (IGI).

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