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Reflection of Communication and Information Management

What A Master of Science Degree In Communications And Information Management Is Really About?
A master of science degree in communication and information management is a very crucial program especially for individuals whose career objectives is to be team leaders especially in project management. This is due to the fact that it equips individuals with analytical thinking and creativity which is applied in project management and team leadership. It gives individuals skills which can be used in problem solving, decision making, management and project management all rooted in communication and information theory and strategies. Master in science communication and information management is an ideal program as relating to my career goals to be a project manager. In relation to project management, it is one program which will help in my career (Day, 2006). It will equip me with the right skills to be a good leader, knowledge manager and a project manager. It also makes individuals to be effective communicators through acquiring people skills which guide on how to deal with people especially in a team.
It offers professional communication which will help me as the project manager and team leader to communicate effectively with my team members. In this part of the program, individuals are able to gain skills on how to analyze professional situations and audiences to come up with the right medium and means of communication. It is through this course that one gains skills even to communicate in professional situations. Individuals are also able to learn on business intelligence which helps project managers in to make complex decisions especially in this changing business environment (Day, 2006). This degree is one which emphasis on both theory and practice and therefore individuals get the chance to learn applied research strategies. Due to the fact that information and communication technologies are rapidly changing, this program offers business information and strategies for a global environment. Project management aims at making money a skill which is attained in this program through strategies for fiscal management. To sum it up all, project management is part of this program. It is through learning project management as a course that individuals get knowledge, leadership skills and communication skills required by a team leader (Day, 2006).
How Do You Intend To Use The Degree As You Continue Your Professional Career?
There are so many aspects in this degree program which will be used. First of all I will use leadership and communication skills acquired in this degree for effective leadership. The business environment is greatly changing, especially on technologies of communication and information. To keep up to date with this, I will use what I learned from this degree. This degree will also be used when dealing with professional situations of communication. This is because this degree helps in learning professional communication. As a project manager and a team leader in this changing environment, I will be required to make complex decision. This will be another situation where this information will be used. These are situations where business intelligence will be required. It will also be used when tackling research related issues regarding project management. Project management has very many aspects related to finances. When tackling these aspects strategies for fiscal management from the degree will be used. This degree will also be used in formulating innovative activities, project and knowledge management and case analysis (Day, 2006).
How Would You Argue That The Curriculum Content Of This Degree Is Relevant To The Current Business Environment Of Your Chosen Industry?
When the curriculum content of this degree program is analyzed, one can argue that, it is very relevant to the current business environment in relation to project management. This is because the business environment in this industry is changing rapidly and the degree content offers the correct information required to cope with these changes. The curriculum content of this degree helps individuals to analyze business environments as they are and act according to the situation. The curriculum content of this degree is relevant to the current business environment of project management in that individuals are equipped with the right information to act in different situations, be effective leaders and effective decision makers (Day, 2006). It is one comprehensive curriculum which touches all areas as pertaining project management.
How Do You Think This Degree Distinguishes Itself From Other Graduate Business Studies?
When we look at other business study degrees, we can see a very big difference from master in science communication and information management. This is due to the fact that this degree program is very diverse covering all areas which after various fields. It puts a lot of emphasis on communication as the backbone to the success of any business. Other graduate businesses studies are very narrow and do not put a lot of emphasis on communication. As stated earlier, business environment is rapidly changing (Day, 2006). Master in science communication and information management has contents which help individuals to rapidly adapt to any changes which occur in relation to communication and information technology. This is an aspect other business studies do not touch on. This program also helps individuals analyze situations and act depending on a particular situation.

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