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Recruitment and selection of employees

Human resource
A new HR strategy for Malick’s Construction Ltd, I designed as the Human Resource Manager. To ensure that the reputation of the company is restored, all current employees will be laid down and employment conducted afresh. However, current employees will be given the opportunity to reapply but it’s only those qualified who will get their jobs back.
Recruitment and selection of employees
The recruitment of employees should be conducted not as per relationship to current administration workers, but according to the qualifications of an individual. In the C.V’s submitted by the recruits, there must be the inclusion of education background, only those who have graduated from reputable schools will be selected (Ronald 2007). During the selection of the recruits, potential recruits who have working experiences from companies in the same field will have an added advantage over those without.
Those selected will have to be screened their past such as confirming with the companies that they were attached after graduation and confirming their conducts from the institutions that they were at according to the “references” they have shown in their C.V submissions. This can also help weed out recruits with phony application documents. Those who had misconducts in their institution time should be avoided.
Employee development
So as to get a greatly skilled workforce, the highly trained selected recruits or those who had been in a similar field earlier, should assist should be the leaders of their counterparts who have been to been privileged to match their skills. This can be done by setting the employees in teams under the leadership of one of the team members (John 2001). These team leaders can in turn be reporting directly to the supervisors. Recruits who have skills beyond the field’s skills can be selected since they may arise the need to expand the company’s scope of business in future.
The employees’ relations
In a working environment, conflicts are bound to appear and measures can be undertaken to ensure that the employees relate well with each other (Karen 2005). Drastic measures can be meted out to those who start conflicts and the consequences can range from suspensions to being laid off their jobs according to the nature of their mistakes. Fearing such measures, the employees can avoid conflicts.
Benefits to the employees
To motivate the workforce, incentives can be given out to the teams that perform well. Such incentives can range from prizes such as cash to holiday trips and vacations. This can give psyche to the workforce and shun out laziness in the workforce (Randall 2007). In return, the output of the company will increase. Some of the employees who read part-time can also be given the special attention to ensure that the company work doesn’t obstruct them from attending their classes.
Employee welfare
It is upon the company to ensure the safety of the employees and also their health. In the company accidents are inevitable. Some of the measures that can be undertaken to ensure their safety are ensuring that the company is equipped with protective gear and the employees are pressured to wear them. Several steps can be undertaken to ensure their safety through services such a health insurance funds. The future of the workforce can also be guaranteed by pushing the employees to register in services such as NSSF. In this way, the employees can work with enthusiasm.
Equal opportunities
The workforce which may comprise mixed gender, male and female, mixed races and equality in the workplace can enhanced by shun discrimination and other types of prejudice by for example, appointing the team leaders based on their performance rather than gender or race. This will mean that women can also be the team leaders in a workforce dominated by men or black people can become leaders in a team dominated by white people.
Employee recreation
There is a saying that goes all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The employees can be given paid vacations (job breaks) and also reasonable working hours. This will increase their zeal and zest in the workplace as they will not be overworking themselves. (Jim 2003)Recreational facilities can also be started in the company for both indoor and outdoor games which can be used by the employees when not working. This cannot not only refresh their minds but also provide a socializing platform which enhances good employees’ relations.

Key activities
To accomplish this human resource strategy, the objectives are:
Identify a worker’s union, UNISON that will be representing the concerns of the workforce and find a system through which dialogue can be held with it; appoint a Personnel Unit that will advance and oversee the entire workforce policies and practices and also help the achievements of every strategy; start appraisals to the performance of the employees that will be conducted annually; appoint a system of reporting of accidents and incidents and that will help in their identification and rectification (Linda 2009). To ensure that absenteeism is reduced due unavoidable circumstances, the company will adopt policies such as sickness management policies. Lastly, the company need have business practices that are based on “family-friendly” methods.
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