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Provide an overview of how health care in the United States has evolved since the postindustrial period.

Project description
Unit: Systems Foundations
Due Date: Mon, 5/23/16
Assignment Description
Write a paper that discusses the following 3 elements:
Provide an overview of how health care in the United States has evolved since the postindustrial period.
How has the evolution of medical technology, graduate medical education, and the professionalization of medical and nursing staff affected the delivery of care?
Why has the United States been unsuccessful in evolving the current health care system into a national health care system?
Note: Use APA style and 3 scholarly references.
Book: Shi, Leiyu, Singh, D. A. (2015). Delivering Health Care in America: A Systems Approach, 6th Edition.
Additional resources:
Systems Foundations

American Medical Education 100 Years after the Flexner Report
This article by The New England Journal of Medicine discusses the Flexner Report, a study that revolutionized medical education in the United States.

Assessment: How Are You Smart?
Assessment: How Are You Smart?
Ageless Learner provides a learning style manual self-assessment from Marcia L. Conner that can be printed to score. Visual, auditory, and tactile and kinesthetic learning styles are covered. Learning Styles Assessment is at the top of the list on this page.
Controlling Costs and Improving the Quality of US Health Care: The Bipartisan Policy Centers Report
This Health Affairs website discusses policy recommendations for improving the quality of healthcare in the United States.
How Your Learning Style Affects Your Use of Mnemonics.
This explanation of how the different learners use their learning style to remember content focuses on visual learners, auditory learners, and kinesthetic learners. Click \”Memory Improvement\” in top-right navigation for memory aids.
Managed Care Career Overview
This website presents information on managed care written by the American College of Healthcare Executives.
Medicaid and Managed Care: Key Data, Trends, and Issues
This Kaiser Family Foundation Report discusses the role, trends, and data of Medicaid Managed Care.
The Changing Health Care World: Trends to Watch in 2014
A Health Affairs website that discusses current trends in health care.
The Vark Questionnaire: How Do I Learn Best?
When the learner completes this brief test, the assessment provides scores for each learning style and preferred style of the learner: visual, aural, reading and writing, and kinesthetic. This Web site provides bulleted lists per preferred learning style describing how to absorb information, how to study, and how to perform well on a test.

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