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Provide a folder for substitute teachers which will contain all of the information a given teacher may need throughout a typical school day in a concise.


The purpose of this project is to provide a folder for substitute teachers which will contain all of the information a given teacher may need throughout a typical school day in a concise, user-friendly format. Being a substitute teacher can be challenging and at times overwhelming when going into a classroom. Many times a teacher has either planned poorly or provided too much information that is not realistic for a substitute to use. With this concise, user-friendly folder, a substitute will have all the needed information. Since substitute teachers do not have much time to read numerous pages and forms in order to grasp the important information he/she will need, a user friendly format will be provided.

The rationale of this project is to enable a substitute teacher to have access to the information he/she will need to know for the day, in hopes that the day will flow much smoother with this additional help. Proper instruction, as well as the way it is presented, is crucial for a substitute’s overall success. Both are needed, or else he/she will not know what to do throughout the day.

The research base of this project will consider the needs of substitutes. It will examine and study what substitutes are saying about a day in a classroom, both good and bad. It will also take into consideration their needs. This information will help me to know what to include in the substitute folder as I prepare it.

The projected application of this project is to use this in my own classroom on days I am absent. It will allow me to leave the folder on my desk, just in case something were to happen and I was unable to be in school the following day. Too many times teachers are caught off-guard by sudden illness (self, spouse, child) and/or an emergency occurs. Unless plans have been left the day before, the teacher must drive to school early that morning to leave plans for the day. With this folder, as a teacher, I will not be caught off-guard. In fact, it would go far beyond just leaving lesson plans. Instead of just lesson plans, a substitute teacher would find a folder containing current, up-to-date information presented in a user-friendly format that would provide him/her with all the information he/she needs to know for the day.

The projected outcomes for this project include: a smoother day for all involved, the substitute teacher, the students, and for myself (not having to drive to the school). The substitute will not feel lost or unsure of what to do in the situations that may arise while I am away. He/she will not feel overwhelmed with long letters of information which he/she has no time to read. Instead, he/she will have a folder with all the information in a user-friendly format to which he/she can refer to throughout the day. The day will go much smoother and everyone will be appreciative.

Please let me know if I am missing something or I need to write something beside what I have already written. I need help putting everything together. I am willing to pay more if that the case.

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