Prompt for Cultural Values Paper

Prompt for Cultural Values PaperBelow are the 32 Cultural Values Survey questions you encountered earlier in the quarter. I’d like to improve those questions, and perhaps cut them down to about a dozen questions, at most two dozen.Your task is to issue recommendations and spell out how you arrived at them:1) For each question, categorize the four responses: liberty-anarchy, equality-solidarity, authority-hierarchy, utility-rivalry. If you have a problem categorizing a given set of four responses, explain why and suggest alternatives.2) Prioritize the questions: which would you say are better at eliciting students’ cultural types, which are worse? You say so based on what: introspection or interviews?3) Pay special attention to the two questions on nature. Come up with one question and four responses.CULTURAL VALUES SURVEY Political Science class.Here are four kinds of groupwork on a paper:Cooperation• The group members agree to contribute in equal shares to the production of the joint paper.• Each group member gets the same grade.Collaboration• Each group member is free to choose whichever share of the work they prefer to do, based on their personal interests and skills.• The grade of each group member depends on the amount and the quality of the work they put into the paper.Coordination• Each group member is assigned a role in the production of the paper: the taskmaster, who distributes the tasks; the timekeeper, who is responsible for making sure everybody completes their task on time; and the production manager, who pulls together the final product and submits it.• Each group member’s grade is determined in advance based on the complexity of the task they were allocated.Competition• Each group member writes a paper, the group employs simple majority rule to select the best paper, and the author of that paper submits it on behalf of the group.• The author receives an additional two points at the expense of the other two group members, who each get one point less.Which kind of groupwork appeals to you the most?cooperationcollaborationcoordinationcompetitionWhich life goal is the most important to you?enjoy lifeexcel in lifesave the worldrun the worldWhich principle of social organization appeals to you the most?hierarchyanarchyrivalrysolidarityWhich statement about human nature do you agree with the most?People are born greedy, but competition can harness greed for the greater good.People are born free; individual by individual, they are wildly diverse and fundamentally unpredictable.People are born beasts, and they become civilized through the efforts of family, church, and school.People are born good, and they will naturally do good unless they are corrupted by bad environments or bad institutions.Which of these forces would you rely upon on the most?benevolent stateinvisible hand of the free marketwisdom of crowdsheroic individualWhich function of religion appeals to you the most?feeling at one with humankindcaring for the tired, the poor, and the wretchedenabling a rich community lifegoing with the flow of a ritualWhich value appeals to you the most?efficiencysecurityequalitylibertyWhat is your concept of time?compressed (now is the most important moment in all of history)short-term (live for the day)long-term (overlapping generations of ancestors and children’s children)same old same old (nothing ever changes, time drifts along)Which definition of risk do you agree with the most?Risk is opportunity. Gain from it!Risk needs to be minimized. Avoid it!Risk can be managed. Control it!Risk is endemic. Live with it!Which value do you identify with the most?law and ordersocial justiceself-fulfillmentself-achievementWhich of these principles for improving organizational performance would you rely upon first and foremost?hire and fireincentivize and rewardeducate and trainlove and shareWhich of these mottos do you agree with the most?The devil takes the hindmost.Nobody wins until everybody wins.Work hard, play hard.Learn to use the tools our ancestors have found indispensable.Which form of leadership appeals to you the most?bold (leading from the front)charismatic (leading by virtuous example)procedural (radiating respect for the rules of the game or the rule of law)casual (appearing not to lead)If you were serving on the admissions committee of an elite university, in which direction would you nudge the admissions process?offer affordable access to all who meet the minimum requirementsselect students randomly from among those who meet the minimum requirementsoffer equal opportunity, then select the bestgive preferential access to disadvantaged minoritiesHow would you describe nature, for the most part?robustfragilecapriciousconquerableWhere would you say people go bad, for the most part?greedy (internal motivation)amoralcorruptible (external situation)sinfulWhich idea of justice appeals to you the most?equality of opportunityequality of outcomenoblesse oblige (those at the top are obliged to help those at the bottom)compensatory justice (if you get hurt, you have a right to get compensated, and if you hurt somebody, you have an obligation to compensate them)Which success factor would you say is the most important?innate ability and good luckstrong guidance from parents, pastors, and teachersself-discipline and hard worksupportive network of friends and colleaguesWhich form of social organization appeals to you the most?direct democracysocial networktraditional familyfree marketWhich type do you identify with the most?prophet (values-driven, moralistic, single-minded focus, willing to fight for what they believe in)nomad (ratty, tough, unwanted, diverse, adventurous, cynical about institutions)hero (conventional, powerful, institutionally driven, profound trust in authority)artist (subtle, indecisive, emotional, compromising, often torn by internal conflict or dealing with feelings of repression)What are you seeking in life, for the most part?wealthpowerfameloveWhat do you bring to the table in a group project, first and foremost?excellencecreativitycivilityfair playIn a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), which player identity would you choose to take on?socializer (communal, “hang out with the gang”)explorer (curious, “discover hidden truths”)achiever (ambitious, “collect badges of accomplishment”)killer (competitive, “join the army, travel to exotic lands, meet interesting people, and kill them”)Which of these principles do you agree with the most?stick to family, hold on to your friendsyou don’t have to live this way; walk away, do something elsework hard, play hardlearn to use the tools our ancestors found indispensableWhat is your concept of history?random (history is just one damn thing after another)cyclical (civilizations rise and fall)linear (there is such a thing as progress in human affairs)singular (it’s the end of history, all bets are off)Which of these labels best characterizes you?egoist (material goods)altruist (material goods)relativist (moral values)absolutist (moral values)If you were serving on the admissions committee of an elite university, in which direction would you nudge the admissions process?individual diversityindividual excellenceequal opportunityinstitutional excellenceHow would you describe nature?benignephemeralcapriciousperverse-tolerantWhich type of democracy appeals to you the most?democracy with strong presidentdirect democracydemocracy with strong protections for individual and minority rightsdemocracy with institutional checks and balancesWhich idea of education do you agree with the most?character buildinginvesting in human capitalpreparing for citizenshiplighting a fireWhich of these normative ethics principles appeals to you the most?virtue ethics (be a good person who takes action appropriate to the situation at hand)utilitarianism (maximize well-being and minimize suffering)justice-fairness (treat people fairly and equitably)individual rights (respect individual life, liberty, and property)At the end of your life, what would you like to be the most?fulfilledadmiredenviedloved

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