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Privacy of information

Question One
Privacy of information is very crucial in every organization. This due to the fact that some of the organizational information is very confidential and should not be left out to unauthorized individuals. Specific organizations know better which information is to be shared and which one should remain confidential to the organization. Though the government might have some information about an organization’s customer, employees and business related information, organizations have more of this information. The government can have privacy legislation but if the organization does not control its information, it will end up to the unauthorized individuals.
Organizations can be left out to control their information and come up with policies as to what information should be released to the public and which one should not. This argument is based on the fact some of the information which organizations have, the government does not have. For instance, customer information is collected by organizations and kept in their databases. It is the responsibility of the organization to come up with policies pertaining the types of information on their customers they can share and which one they should not share. Their databases should be in such a way that those with customer’s confidential information cannot be accessed by unauthorized individuals. Employees also share a lot of information with the organization. This information should remain confidential to the organization and it is the responsibility of the organization to come up with privacy policies. It is also the responsibility of the organization to come up with policies about the information they make available to their customers. The government may not know which organization’s business information is suitable for customers and which one is not.
In addition to being their own police about the information shared, the government should come up with privacy legislation regarding customer information shared by an organization and employee information shared by the organization. This is because organizations can abuse their customer’s or employees’ information. Just to make sure that customers’ and employees’ information is safe; the government should come in and protect them.

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