Peer Review Colleague:

Peer Review Colleague:
1. The company is known as the United Parcel Service and it belongs to the mail and parcel delivery industry.
2. I would advise you to invest in the United Parcel Service because it is doing well generally, even though they had a downfall they have surpassed it and proved that they are strong. The profits are coming in they are paying their bills which are good signs for investments. UPS has a very positive reputation, a successful image and it has been innovating new ideas every month with corporate social responsibility. The history of the company is overwhelming, it started small and now its competing with other big companies worldwide. Looking at the company’s history and the fame it has achieved over the years, it will be profiting for years and years. I hope that this recommendation, analysis and the background will assist you in making a decision.
3. The introduction and statement of purpose is complete.
a. The financial criteria for a good investment is a positive net income with revenue increasing annually, greater assets than liabilities and minimal to zero debt.
b. Their non-financial criteria is to compete for the best customer service and new improved means of delivery.
c. No
d. The company’s name actually provides the importance in what kind of service the company provides. The word ‘United’ serves as a reminder that their operations in each city are part of the same organization. ‘Parcel’ identifies the nature of the business and ‘Service’ indicates what is offered.
e. I would highlight the important parts for easy reference to the reader and investor.
4. The overview is complete.
a. Nothing
b. Yes it sufficiently analyzes their non-financial criteria because it’s all service to the people and they focused more on service delivery.
d. Highlighting for easy reference.
5. The analysis section is complete.
a. They chose a 2:1 ratio, they included return on assets and return on equity.
b. Yes, they have clearly explained what the numbers presented mean.
c. They can improve the section by making bold the important areas for easy reference to people reading it.
6. The recommendation section is complete.
a. Yes they do connect the overview and the analysis to the recommendation given.
b. Their justification is that the company possesses good investment signs, revenue is increasing, the net income is positive and its able to repay its debts. It also has a high level of transparency and any investor would want to invest in it.
c. The section is clear, no need for improvement.
7. They are all clearly labeled.
a. It is clear why they are included, for the investor to have it easy while going through it and prevent confusion.
b. Yes, in understanding how it has been fairing for the last three years.
8. It’s quite clear but they can improve on the table drawing.
9. The citations are labeled clearly because we can see where everything is. If I needed to check the facts I would locate them easily because they all have titles for easy reference.
10. No confusion and questions because all was clear.
11. The grammar and sentence structure was impeccable.
12. No suggestions
13. They would have to highlight the important areas because not everyone has the time to read everything, just for easy reference.

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