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Organizational Culture Diversity and Global Mindset Audit

Final Applied Summary GuidelinesThis assignment is comprised of two parts. First, is an Organizational Culture Diversity and Global Mindset Audit and second, is an Executive summary. The final product will be a 7 to 10 page paper demonstrating your understanding of Global leadership. The paper should follow the template exactly and needs to follow APA style. The paper should be supported with the course reading and three scholarly articles with proper citation. Organizational Audit: This audit is an important demonstration of your ability to apply what you have learned in Global leadership to your organization. This is to be done as a report, demonstrating the ability to critically analyze what you discover. Where it applies discuss strengths, weaknesses and recommendations. Report guidelines follow. Industry – Specify what industry your organization operates. Please describe the customers that you are marketing and the product or service you provide. How does the management and staff compare to the target market? Is the product or service developed to suit a diverse marketplace? Is the product or service intended to go overseas or to a diverse cultural market? Leadership – Examine the types of diversity within leadership (age, gender, ethnicity, etc). What commitment and efforts is the organization making to build organization strength through diversity, leadership style and flexibility? Does the leadership lead or manage a global business? Personnel – Look at the diversity strategies for recruitment, training, promotion, retention, mentoring, educational and career path planning. Give a basic report on the breakdown of cultures, gender and age represented in your organization. Organizational Culture – Does the culture of the organization embrace cultural and other measures of diversity? If so how? Can the success of the organization be attributed to diversity initiatives or global initiatives? Is the culture of organization one that asks questions and listens? Is it open and flexible? Website Message – Evaluate how well the site communicates that global diversity is important to the organization. Look under press release or other areas to determine the posture on global diversity. Executive Summary In this section you will pretend that you have been sent by your company to a Global Leadership Seminar (i.e. this class), and have been asked to apply what you have learned to the organization. Your supervisor has asked you to write up a report on what you have learned and recommendations for the organization.

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