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O.J. Simpson’s Case

O. J Simpson’s case is one which was discussed all over the word. The immediate parties in this case had their own perspective but there are other perspectives. There was a perception that Simpson did not care about the death of his wife because even from his letter where he denied having killed her, he did not show any sympathy (Mueller, 1996). The other perception was that he cared much of the other victim Ronald more than he cared for his own wife. Though in his letter, he made people believe that another person had killed his wife, he showed no desire of knowing who they are or asking the police to look for them. In this case it comes out as a strange issue in that all through the trial, Simpson seems not to have feelings for his late wife and her death has not affected him in any way (Mueller, 1996). He is not bothered at all that she is dead and what he cares is being accused of killing the woman he loves.
In addition to failing to have any sympathy for his wife, he did not show much pity for his children who have been left without parents. He shows a lot of care bout his friends and team mates more that he shows to his own family. Though he was divorced with his wife, he denied there were any problems in their marriage (Mueller, 1996). In my own opinion, Simpson cared too much on issues that have a direct impact on him and does not at all accept responsibility over any issue. He blames the press for exaggerating issues and causing problems which he is having recently. He also blames his wife for their problems and he is not willing to take responsibility of any of his behaviors.
It should have been considered that, given that Simpson showed no feelings of being affected, there is a possibility that he was happy about the death of his wife whether directly involved or not. He is a rich man and that is why he is able to hire so many lawyers to represent his case (Mueller, 1996). It should have been considered that Simpson thought he will use his money to evade from punishment
Mueller, C. (1996). Background Facts on O.J. Simpson Case. Retrieved on May 17, 2011 from

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