nursing / facilitation and education skills for practice development

Topic: nursing / facilitation and education skills for practice developmentOrder DescriptionSubject: Nursing/ Facilitation and education skills for practice developmentEssay Format 2000 words,Describe a clinical practice issue. Critically analyse material (including relevant research articles) to support an argument for how an understanding of adult learning theory may assist the facilitation of practice development within a clinical context. How might the role of facilitation assist when approaching this issue?Dear Writer ; I have chosen nursing documentation as a clinical issue, I personally found nurses reviewing other nurse s documentation during the handover process find it hard to identify care priorities to focus on. Managers and regulators reviewing nursing documentation find it difficult to determine the most important patient problems.If documentation is a reflection of our care, does it show that nurses make a difference? I think we need to have an orientated documentation framework, a good training and implementation of plan which lead to practice developmentCriteria for marking:Content:Describes a relevant clinical issue with adequate depth, Critically analyses material (including relevant research articles) to support an argument for how an understanding of adult learning theory may support the facilitation of practice development in a clinical context, Demonstrates an ability to synthesise findings to reveal new understanding of the role of facilitation when approaching an issue within a clinical contextOrganisation, Style and Language,Adheres to standard requirements for formatting, assignment logically developed, evidence of linkage of information, Appropriate introduction, body and conclusion, adheres to word limit ,Syntax, grammar, punctuation and spelling are correct, legible presentation, Objective and authentic writing style, appropriate use of academic language. Technical terms explained where necessaryResearch and referencing:Appropriate material selected (quality and relevance), Appropriate quantity of material selected, Smooth integration of references. Accurate referencing as per SN requirementsRef: at least 10 References, Harvard styleRecommended Ref:Schwarz, R 2002, The skilled facilitator: a comprehensive resource for consultants, facilitators, managers, trainers and coaches, Jossey-Bass, San Francisco.Gaberson, K 2010, Clinical teaching strategies in nursing, 3rd edn, Springer Publishing.McCormack, B, Manley, K & Garbett, R (eds) 2004, Practice development in nursing, Blackwell, Oxford.McCormack, B, Manley, K & Wilson, V (eds) 2008, International practice development in nursing and health care, Blackwell, Oxford..

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