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Mathematics has become one of the most important subjects in the modern society. This is because it is used in everything which is done in the modern society especially in the work places. It is applied in business, finance and even when making personal decisions (The National Strategies, 2011). It is a very crucial aspect in the contribution to the success of a country. It provides the basics required in understanding science, engineering, technology and economics. Even when making decisions about a county’s economy or even the public, mathematics is used as the key.
The importance of mathematics to the modern world also extends to helping students and pupils find the viable ways to describe analyze and change a country. It provides the ways in which individuals tackle problems even if they face it for the first time. It has helped in discovering sufficient solutions and identify connections which could otherwise not been identified if not for mathematics applications. It is helping pupils and students think independently, reason, solve problems and assess potential risks. In the modern society, creativity is very crucial for survival especially with the upcoming technology (The National Strategies, 2011). Mathematics is a creative discipline and has contributed to the success in the modern society. It is one discipline whose language is universal and can be understood internationally. This makes it to be universally used comfortably in workplaces without creating any barriers. The modern society is faced with many problems and mathematics has been used extensively to solve them.
The knowledge acquired from mathematics is very important in physical sciences, technology, business, technology, business, finance and almost all areas of information communication technology (Smith, 2004). Not only in these fields; but also in biology, medicine and social sciences. The modern society is full of many researches which are aimed at improving the available information. Mathematics is the backbone to every research development whether scientific or industrial. The modern society is also comprised of complex systems and structures which can be explained using mathematics. The design of high technological systems is depended on mathematical inputs and outputs (Smith, 2004). Mathematics has also proved to of great importance the modern society since it one of the basic considerations when it comes to hiring employees in many working places. Additionally, it is a crucial consideration during admissions in the places of higher learning. It is so crucial in the places of high learning since it helps people gain high levels of problem solving skills and places them at a better position of employment (Smith, 2004).
With its importance in the modern society, the contributors cannot be left unrecognized. Many mathematicians made a lot of contributions during the 20th century. Kurt Friedrich Gödel born in 1906 became acquainted with foundations mathematics first and then did his doctorial degree (Centre College, 2010). He was actively involved in research and made contributions to all areas of mathematical logic. Alan Mathison Turing contributed to mathematics by doing questions on computability and mathematical definition of algorithm (Centre College, 2010). His doctorial degree was on logics which are under computing. All through his life he kept on perfecting ideas on computing which is a mathematical concept. Pythagoras of Samos contributed by developing the Pythagorean Theorem which is used in the modern society measurements and technologies. Andrew Wiles contributed by proofing Fermat’s last theorem. Isaac Newton and Wilhelm Leibniz invented modern infinitesimal calculus. Leonardo Pisano Blgollo introduced Fibonacci Series to the western world. Rene Descartes is known for the development of Cartesian Geometry.

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