marketable skill.

marketable skill.QuestionsOrder DescriptionThe use of internet and other outside resources allowed but proper citations are required for those sources. Answers copied directly from the text without citation will be counted as unanswered. Answers to the exam questions must be of sufficient depth and detail to demonstrate mastery of the issues raised in the questions. It is better to err towards a more detailed and complete answer than one that is too short and lacking. No help is permitted from any person.MIS 3000 Final Exam1) What is a marketable skill?2) Describe the five components of an information system using an example.3) What is a business process? How are business process modelling notations used in business processes?4) Describe relevant data. Explain the importance of relevant data in an organizational context.5) Briefly describe how organizational strategy determines the functions of information systems.6) Distinguish between a primary and a support activity in the value chain.7) What is an operating system? How is it different from an application program?8) In the context of data storage, explain the difference between a spreadsheet and a database.9) Describe the merits of metadata.10) Why are the terms elastic and pooled used to describe the cloud?11) Explain how software as a service (SaaS) works using an example.12) What are enterprise information systems?13) What is enterprise resource planning (ERP)?14) What is social media? Give an example of a social media provider and a social media user.15) What is the difference between traditional customer relationship management (CRM) and social customer relationship management (CRM)?16) How does business intelligence help marketers identify changes in the purchasing patterns of customers?17) List and describe the three primary activities in the business intelligence process?18) What are the two critical security functions that an organization’s senior management needs to address?19) List and describe the major functions of an information systems (IS) department?20) Describe the five phases of the systems development life cycle (SDLC)?

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