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Managerial Approach to Marketing

In these articles, the authors are using an organized thinking to figure out what is happening with the modern consumer and communication can be effective especially with the new technology which requires interactive market space. In the first article, the author uses general review to understand the postmodern consumer. In its conceptual framework, it focuses on the marketing which is appropriate for the postmodern consumer who does not really need to be loyal to the company or the company product (Simmons, 2008). In the second article, the author tries to organize his thinking to figure out how internet could be used to create new markets spaces and new social relationships between marketers and consumers. The conceptual frames are used based on the data which is available to the marketers in that consumer need more than quality; they mostly need style as each of them needs to change with the upcoming styles (Simmons, 2008). So the conceptual framework is developed for article one using the relationship between style and marketing. Secondly customers are mostly using the internet and it is crucial that they get that opportunity in marketing where they can get products online and buy them from there. However, there is a risk that sometimes consumers blog in the internet especially if a product is bad. They can make comments on the internet which can destroy the demand of a particular commodity (Simmons, 2008). Therefore, the conceptual framework is also designed using the effects which use of internet can have on the marketing strategy of an organization.
The second article the conceptual framework of organized thinking is formulated based on the fact that, new technology and the effects it has on the relationship between the customers and the companies from which they buy their product. This is based on the fact that the new emerging technologies have changed how transactions and communications used to take place before the invention of these technologies (Wilson et al, 2008). With all these changes, they have come up with positive effects which cannot be ignored. Computer and internet mediated marketing has improved the way transactions are carried out and they have been found to improve the interactive market place between consumers and companies. The conceptual framework is based on the impact that internet marketing has on improving relationships and improving marketing.
The conceptual framework used by these two authors is well supported by literature that is discussed in the articles. In the first article on post modern consumer, it is argued that consumers do not have a fixed lifestyle and will always adapt to change that is why marketing is not all about consumer loyalty to products and consumers (Simmons, 2008). Since each consumer has their own self image, marketers need to give consumers that opportunity to market their own image. This can be done on the internet which has become a very useful tool of marketing and improving relationships between consumers and companies. Internet is the perfect way of marketing especially for the postmodern consumers. The author also argues that postmodern consumers need to market themselves individually but they do not need to be isolated from the community as well (Simmons, 2008). Internet enables networking and bonds post modern consumers.
The arguments in the second article still support the conceptual framework. The author argues that computers and internet improve the interactiveness in the market (Wilson et al, 2008). It facilitates many to many communications. Internet and computers have also made marketing so extensive making global marketing easy. The author also argues about web enabled marketing environment which makes it possible for information to be available globally at every time (Wilson et al, 2008). Therefore the arguments of the two authors are very supportive to the conceptual framework used and all explains the important of marketing using internet and web designed marketing.

Simmons, G. (2008). Marketing to Postmodern Consumers: Introducing The Internet Chameleon. European Journal of Marketing, Vol 42 (3/2): 12
Wilson, O et al. (2008). Communicating In the New Interactive Marketspace. European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 42 Iss: 9/10, pp.1059 – 1083

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