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Management policy and strategy :SWOT analysis with respect to Face book’s mission statement Overview

Management policy and strategy
SWOT analysis with respect to Face book’s mission statement
Face book is a social utility and was initiated in 2004. The Face book is a social platform that assists people in efficient interacting and communicating with people surrounding them: friends, relatives and workmates.
Before we delve deeper into the SWOT analysis of the Face book, there is dire need to pay a quick glimpse into the mission statement of Face book. The mission statement goes: to give people the ability to share and render the world more open and connected (Vander Veer, 2011). However, over the years since 2004, various mission statements have been coined with the current one being edited in 2009. Even though they had been directed to a particular group in some cases, the central theme doesn’t change: sharing and connection.
The social networking of Face book has given way to other uses outside the realm of social networking since it has now included other relationships such as political activities and professional interests.
Face book SWOT analysis
The social networking site has been in the league of other long established social networks such as MySpace, Google Buzz and Twitter. Face book has established its trademark as a social networking website. Face book also ensures effective communication and offers unique products. As of 2010, it was ranked the second out of the leading 500 sites. It has a strong financial position.
Due to the range of its establishment in the internet business, it has left other business rivals slotting into its steps. The Face book has joined with many application developers. It is easy to use. It has been noted by many companies as a linkage to online businesses such as online gambling games. Face book has recorded a quick growth both locally in the U.S and overseas.
Some applications consume a lot of the user’s time when searching only for them to be seen after a long hectic time (Steiner George, 1986). All the clients are forced to have uniform personal profiles because of the complexity of customization. It has inappropriate and ineffectual applications. There is intermittent updates form fans. The profile page doesn’t have shortcuts. There are so many ad flashes that bring a lot of distractions and poorly positioned in such a way that they get on the users way. There are frequent alterations in the design. Problems such as bugs are encountered by the user when using the internet. The privacy of the users is not guaranteed since privacy is not up to the expectations of the user.
The Face book platform enhances business partnership; it can be used by businesses to show the trends of the consumers; it attracts customers to the stores by enticing them with the posted promotion ads; it sets a platform for business transactions (either buying or selling); since there is polls and surveys conducted via it, businesses can collect user data can be handy before a business contemplates of investing in a place. Communication is not charged. It can become a non-paid address book. It gives the user the privilege for Face book enhanced video chats. Through the means of integration, Face book connect all places. The Face book can bring innovations that can impact the social community. Expanding the services globally and suppleness of instigating the cultural features of other countries can bring about an approach that’s more welcome and positive.
The users of the Face book services can interact and share vital information to those around them (such as relatives and business associates). Face book should plough back on its technology so as to cater for the provision of response information to its users because there are many businesses that are transacted via it. Face book can partner with others to create applications.
The mobile Face book has introduced a lot of noteworthy changes in the daily activities of a lot of people because they can manage to connect and interact with their friends while in the same, are in their work.
The leading social networking platforms are striving to get control of Face book; the arrangement of the various options in the Face book is hectic and illiterate people can have a difficult time going through them and in some cases, can have intrusion of their privacy. Some application features and Face book programs have got quick maturity which makes the users bored after several trials coupled with the fact that their usage is once (Robert,2011). The settings of the Face book are over and over tampered with and this leads to the leaking of many private materials such as photos and their spreading via the internet but Face book can enact ways that can ensure tightening of security of its users to avoid the violation of their rights.
There have been the threat of spamming because of both the wall merging and the mini feed. The Face book can have a mighty blow if the younger generation loses interest because it is fundamental for the utilization of the maximum Face book potential. There have also been cheap technology and stiff business rivalry from MySpace.

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