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Management plan for change

Question Seven
Management plan for change resistance is a proactive approach which tries to identify the potential resistance areas.
Identification of the risk Likelihood of risk Priority of risk Impact of risk Risk minimizing strategies
Lack of enough money to purchase the SAS, implement it, train staff, labor and time. The likelihood of this risk occurring is moderate. The risk is of high priority because if the funds are not enough, it can lead to failure of the company. If this risk occurs the company will not be able to implement the required changes which can lead to a collapse. This risk can be minimized by utilizing the available funds appropriately because if implemented, they will improve the revenue of the organization.
The old personnel may not be interested in new trainings. The likelihood of this happening is also moderate. This is a risk of low priority since if a personnel is not willing to be trained, they can be replaced with trained ones or the ones wiling to be trained. This risk will have impact on the company as it has to undergo another hiring process. This risk can be minimized by educating the personnel on the important of the training they have to undergo.
Lack of adoption to the new policies and procedure. The likelihood is high because personnel may be resistant to changes fearing that they may render some incompetent. This is a risk of high priority because it is these changes which will lead to survival of the organization. This risk will have a high impact to the organization because the changes in policies and procedures will save the organization. The strategy to minimize risk is to consult the personnel and let be part of the changes. This will help them appreciate the new policies.
Putting people who are incompetent in the administration. The likelihood is moderate since people might pretend especially when they want to receive the favor of being in power This is risk of very high priority because administrators determine how well an organization works. This risk can have a very great risk on the organization because an incompetent administrator will lead to incompetent works. The best strategy to minimize this risk is to ensure that the person put in management has a good track record and is committed to his or her work.
Poor purchasing and tracking procedures. The likelihood of this risk occurring is also moderate. It is of high priority since the organizations will effectively survive on good tracking and tracking procedures. This risk will have a great impact on the organization because it can lead to missing out of some clients. The best strategy to minimize this risk is to come up with viable purchasing and tracking procedures.

Question Eight
The activities which will lead to change will include meeting with the management team, do a SWOT analysis and come up with new objectives, meet with other employees to discuss the desired changes. After the changes have been agreed upon, come up with the right people to be in the administration, develop the right procedures for purchasing and tracking. Decide on where to purchase the SAS for ten users and purchase it. After this the workers who are not computer literate can be trained. Evaluation will be based on the satisfaction of our customers and if we are capturing the market. The amount of revenue being generated will also be used as an evaluation tool.

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