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Time management
Time management is the skills which allow a person to be more industrious and well-organized in completing tasks or the best possible use of the time you have.
Purpose of time management
The main purpose of managing time is to provide efficiency, you don’t need to spend time in planning alone but you can do your work effectively and achieve success. We need time management in order to achieve set goals, to be efficient, to reduce stress and effort, and to enjoy life.
Principles of time management
• Have a vision, if you have an idea of what you want to achieve then you are more likely to achieve it if you have a clear vision
• Doing one thing at a time, concentrate on doing and finishing one thing at a time.
• Defining your limits because limitations encourage creativity.
• Be committed and interested in what you are doing.
Resource management is the process of using resources in the most efficient way possible. In this case the resource is the food which is going to be eaten at the party. We ensured that the food will be enough for everyone at the party and that it will be of a higher standard so that we don’t have any cases of food poisoning.
Communication is the exchange of information between two or more people. We communicate in order to air out our views and get different ideas regarding something. Communication is crucial for working successfully with others, accomplishes tasks with both individuals and groups and helps overcome obstacles. Communication has principles such as knowing your audience, purpose and the topic. Communicating a little at a time, presenting information in several ways, using different communicating techniques and following through on what was discussed.
In this project we worked together as a group and we learnt a lot from it including managing time, resources and how to communicate to each other and reach an agreement. In managing financial resources we learnt that budgeting is key. If you do not budget then you will end up spending finances in things that are not even needed and if you budget you may end up saving some money. An easy way to budget is writing everything you need down and estimate their costs; this will show you how much everything will cost.
Communication is needed for decision making especially among groups because everyone has their own opinion and they are entitled to it. If you communicate it becomes easier to make decisions and accomplishing that task. We also learnt that time management is crucial for efficiency and that we need time management to achieve set goals, and to reduce stress and effort. Decision making can be hard because almost any decision involves conflicts or dissatisfaction but we found a way around it and it became easier. Decision making defines a leader.
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