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local or Texas politician

local or Texas politicianRoles: you are expected to be a local or Texas politician. These politicians play a significant role in the local or statewide debates over issues like education and transportation. You will collect information on this politician, getting to know them and their positions as best you can.Assignment:POLITICIAN: KENNY MERCHANT US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVE1. The first will be developing a paper that consists of BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION, DETAILS ABOUT THEIR POLITICAL CAREER AND INFORMATION ABOUT THEIR POSITIONS ON MAJOR POLITICAL ISSUES.THE FOCUSwill be on the general issues EDUCATION AND TRANSPORTATION.2. Within these general areas,i. what is your politician trying to accomplish? What have they accomplished in the past?ii. What current proposals do they support? WHERE DO THEY STAND ON ìNO CHILD LEFT BEHIND?î What do they have to say about education funding, either locally or at the state level?iii. What can be done to improve our schools, both K ñ 12 and higher education? In terms of transportation, what is their focus?iv. What position did they take on the recent transportation funding bill discussed in Austin?v. You can discuss issues outside of education and transportation, but I am hoping a focus on these issues will provide a broad enough focus. In general, is your politician a Republican or a Democrat (if it matters)? Are they a moderate or are they more conservative or liberal?? The other thing you will need to include in the paper is a CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF THE POLITICIANíS POSITION and role in the political process. This part has to be a MINIMUM OF O PAGE BUT SHOULD BE CLOSER TO 1 PAGE AS YOU QUESTION WHAT THE POLITICIAN IS DOING ON THE MAIN ISSUES OF THE DAY, WHY HE/SHE IS DOING IT, IF IT IS WORKING AND HOW IT FITS IN TO THE OVERALL DEBATE ON THE ISSUE TODAY. WRITE THE BULK OF THE PAPER IN THE MORE FORMAL 3RD PERSON, SO THAT YOU CAN WRITE THIS PART IN FIRST PERSON AND NOT CONFUSE YOUR READER.This needs to be deeper than questioning the fact that a Democratic Senator has liberal beliefs. For example, Iím not asking you to tell me if you agree with your Senator taking a pro-life stance because you are pro-life. What you need to do is tell me something about how he/she is making their case and whether it is effective in the overall debate, or something like that.? Consider many aspects of your politician. For example, does your politician have ambitions for the higher office? Do they have personal issues at stake, family issues, etc? What is going on in their state that affects their position? These things are all important in gaining a full view of their position on big issues

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