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Literature’s Effect on the Modern World

Order DescriptionLength and format: 4-5 pages. The title page and reference page are also required, but they shouldnot be factored into the 4-5 page length of the essay. It should also be double spaced, written inTimes New Roman, and in 12 point font. Essay should conform to APA formatting and citation style.Please note that the Draft should be between four and five pages in length.Instructions:Thus far in the course, we have looked at a variety of different forms of literature. Now, we willexplore the role you think literature has on society at large. Create a thesis statement that answersthe following question: How can literature act to bring about changes to modern society?You should use at least three pieces of literature that we have read in the class to act as examples tosupport your position. You will also need to find at least three academic and scholarly sources fromthe library databases to support your argument, such as academic journal articles.The final version of your research essay will be due in Unit 7. The final version is your chance torevise the rough draft to present a clearer and more organized finished product. The rough draft andthe final version should not be exact replicas of each other. You should take the notes and commentsyou received on the rough draft and apply them to the final product.The requirements for Research Essay are:• Create an effective and clear argumento Make sure the argument identifies the role literature has to change the modern worldo Support your argument with specific topics• Select at least three works of literature to support your topicso Describe in what ways those works support your positiono Analyze specific examples from those works• Locate and utilize specific academic sourceso Find at least three academic and reliable sources to support your argumento Use examples from those sources to discuss in your essay• Include an APA title page• Use the objective voice, avoiding personal pronouns such as “I,” “you,” “we,” etc.• Use APA format when offering textual evidence by properly setting up the in-text citations andthe corresponding References page. ****email me for a full list of readings from the course

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