Leadership, leadership skills

Leadership, leadership skillsInstructions:With reference to all references used, Maximum Performance, The leadership Challenge, Harvard Business reviews, the leadership of Muhammad and articles attached1. In the introduction, describe what you would like to achieve in your chosen career/profession in the future and your personal leadership philosophy (750 words).( you can use I am…….)• Leadership philosophy…….Philosophia means the love of wisdom, You can use things like: I believe leaders must be role models, I believe in coaching and mentoring………….. Answer questions like what is leadership to you? What do I want to achieve and how? What are my core values? How am I going to treat my followers? What do I want my legacy to be? What would your followers say about you? What do I need to realize my dreams?• Fast forward yourself to 70 years ahead in time, you are on your death bed and you already had this fantastic life……….how do you want people to remember you……………she was a great ……….leader•1- What kind of leader I want to be2- My Journey to achieve the leadership3-How I will treat/influence my followers4-What are the competencies should I use to achieve my goals in leadership5-What is my leadership philosophyNote : We can use I feel, I believe , I think ….2. Then, identify the five* most important leadership skills, competencies or attributes that you think will be required to succeed in your profession/occupation in the future. For each one, list their main elements (do not describe these in detail). Then, select three of these and describe in detail why an understanding of these are important and/or of practical use to business leaders and/or their companies (2500 words). (in 3rd person ) skills must be approved.3. Then, select two of these and describe, specifically, how you will develop and enhance them over the next 4-5 years (1250 words). (combination of I and third person)4. In your conclusion, please describe what you have learned about leadership from writing this assignment (500 words).(* Please do not include strategic management, planning or decision making skills in this assignment. While these are obviously important elements of business leadership.).The numbers in brackets indicate an approximate word-count for each section; the total maximum allowed is 5000 words.This assignment is rather like a circle, whenever you finish the lower parts you find yourself going back and adjusting your philosophy.It needs to be written with passion and you need to utilize quotes of great leaders.Guidelines for writing this assignmentYou are expected to write this in a style that is appropriate for a university essay assignment, and it must not consist of a collection of bullet-point ‘shopping-lists’. It must include a clear introduction, a logical development of ideas and a sound conclusion. Please use the correct format for quotations and referencing, edit your essay carefully for errors in spelling and punctuation and try to be precise in your choice of words and expression of ideas. Please use some contemporary real-life examples cited in course materials or from your own reading to illustrate your answer.The Harvard or APA referencing systems are the preferred formats for in-text referencing and the bibliography. Your assignment must be no longer than 5000words – excluding the bibliography and in-text author references. There is no need to provide an abstract, executive summary or table of contents and do not include any pictures, diagrams, or tables (if directly relevant to your assignment, these may be included in an Appendix). Please print this one-sided, minimum font size 11, with page numbers and submit this with one staple in the top left hand corner. There is no need for plastic covers, bindings etc.You must also provide a word count and there will be a penalty of 1 mark for each 100 words over the 5000 word upper limit. Unless you’ve obtained an extension from me in advance, or there is a legitimate medical or personal reason, late assignments will attract a penalty of one mark for each day they are overdue.A marking criteria guide can be found overleaf. Please refer to this when writing your essay and attach a copy when you submit it to me. If you’re new to postgraduate studies, this may all seem very pedantic, but there are good quality and parity reasons for following these guidelines, and they will soon become second nature.OB Leadership Assignment – Marking Criteria Guide100-90 (A) 89-80 (B) 79-70 (C) 69-60 (D) 59 (F)IntroductionUnderstanding andcoverage of thequestions beingaddressedThe logic andcoherence of theideas presented in:Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Understanding anduse of relevantliterature(s) from:The course textbook,course handouts andThe Leadership ChallengeCourse handoutsAdditional readingand researchUse of relevant real-lifebusiness examplesto illustrate Part 2 ofthe assignmentCorrect referencingof the assignmentProofreading, grammar,spelling and punctuationWithin the required word countMark: /40

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