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Justify why police should collect and preserve evidence in an ethical, legal and practical manner,


Assessment item 2

Reflective Essay

Value: 50%

Length: 2100

Submission method options

EASTS (online)


Select one activity from the list below and reflect on that activity, the feedback from your FTAO and your own performance in completing that activity:

Briefly describe the selected activity and its context, the feedback you received when completing this activity and identify a specific challenge you experienced. Then analyse any internal or external factors that may have contributed to the identified challenge and reflect on why these factors represented a challenge for you; and how you managed this challenge. Finally you must discuss how you will meet similar challenges in the future?

Your response to the above points will be in the format of an academic essay, with Introduction, Body and Conclusion. In preparing this essay, you are required to use APA style referencing and must comply with all other CSU Academic Regulations.

Activity list:

1. Create COPS events containing relevant proofs and information, or conduct efficient inquiries using available information systems (COPS, CIDS, Intranet, MDT’s, ILS, NEPI, ICOPS, Memo, E notices, etc.)

2. Take and compile statements (witness, offender, victim)

3. Ensure any process of obtaining information from juveniles complies with legislation

4. Ensure statements cover proofs and relevant information

5. Ensure information recorded is relevant, accurate, concise, legible, able to be understood, in correct format and chronological order

6. Create information reports ensuring narrative is in correct format including entity/locations linking and all relevant fields

7. Ensure any information obtained is relevant to your investigation.

8. Plan & manage interviews in an effort to obtain appropriate information

9. Employ interview techniques in accordance with law and policy


As a newly attested Probationary Constable you have entered a career where on the surface, every job is different and no two days are ever the same. However when you take the time to reflect back on the events of the day it becomes clear that there are in fact a number of similarities in each of matters you attend to every day.

In such a challenging new environment it is often beneficial to quickly get up and running, and this assessment item provides a proven method of improving the speed at which you get the most from each and every learning experience, this in turn maximizes your learning and helps you to improve.

The learning and teaching strategies used in this activity are based on reflective practitioner theories that allow you to identify factors that led to an identified challenge. They enable you to consider what within your previous experiences or preparation affected your actions in the identified event. It then enables you to analyze these circumstances to gain an understanding of what needs to be done differently in the future so as to avoid the same poor decisions previously made. It also enables you to explores ways of implementing your new learning into practice so that you can benefit from your newly acquired awareness. Your learning is monitored and addressed through a summative assessment for this activity which will enhance your ability to reflect, describe, analyze and present information in a reflective manner.

The learning and teaching strategies used in this activity will enable you to demonstrate your capacity to meet the following subject objectives;

• Be able to critically examine their own investigative practices,

• Be able to justify why police should collect and preserve evidence in an ethical, legal and practical manner,

• Be able to evaluate the Scientific Method of Investigation when used to investigate a criminal incident,

• Be able to identify, utilize and evaluate various sources of information such as records, people, and physical evidence,

• Be able to analyze the extent to which people can be treated as sources of information without impinging on their rights and dignity,

• Be able to evaluate the potential impact of “tunnel vision” and “group think” in criminal investigations.

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