Clearly from the author’s arguments, Credit card companies are ‘robbing’ college students of their meagre savings. They base themselves at strategic places with a high frequency of student visits ensuring to capture the unsuspecting customer. With a limit of up to $1000 dollars one may be quite tempted and better yet even fall for the trick.
The credit card companies present themselves as a haven for the students by providing an ‘economic alternative’ with a promise of possible rewards and spending points. They advertise themselves quite provocatively by addressing the issues that affect or challenge most students such as car breakdown services which are quite unnecessary for the students. (Macias C)
Credit card companies make it easy for the students to obtain loans by disregarding their income or possible source of income. This would eventually work to their advantage since any delayed payments by the user results in an array of fines. This would explain why the credit card companies were so vehemently against the bill that would have required them to credit cards to only those who have a reliable source of income. (Macias C) Unaware to most credit card holders, credit card companies have the right to raise their in interest rates as they so wish and this would result in a heightening of the outstanding bill hence a higher student debt. “As credit card debt increases, card companies compound unpaid interest, adding it to the balance that must be repaid. If this balance is not repaid, they charge interest on unpaid interest” (Macias C).
The reading is a causal claim. The author tries to show how credit card companies are a great cause of student debt by analyzing various reasons as to why. Among those stated being the ease of acquiring a credit card (Macias C). He has analyzed the acquiring of credit cards as a recurring phenomenon and brought forward several arguments to support the same and even gives a personal story as the hook of the introduction.

Macias C. (2011). Causal Arguments: J D Ramage, J C Bean and J Johnson (9th Ed) “’The Credit Card Company Made Me Do It!’ – The Credit Card Industry’s Role in Causing Student Debt” (pp. 281-284). New York, NY: Pearson

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