IT access policy/security policy, procedure and practices.

IT access policy/security policy, procedure and practices.Research project that will involve the writing of security policy, procedure andpractices. Also, please in text citation and cited workplease see the instructions and the exampleGraduate Project 2:Policies, Procedures and PracticesDUE BY: 3/11/2016 @ 11:00pmIdentifying the ProblemIntroductionYou will complete a research project that will involve the writing of two security policy, procedureandpractices. Your job is to create and document two technical operations across two different areas oftechnology. For instance, you may choose from network, operating system, software development,application, data storage or information security (other areas with permission). You do not need to havetechnical hands-on experience, just the ability toreview material and come up with a cohesive plan tosolvethe problem, based on the recommendation of others.Once you have selected an area to research (ex. Data Storage/Destruction)Step 1: Identify the problem you need to solve (ex. Data destruction policy)–Authorized by me in advanceStep 2: Call out what is in-scope of the problem allowing you to be specific (ex. Physical media only)Step 3: Articulate what needs to be done (ex. Render the CD safe for general disposal)Step 4: Write the procedure (ex. CD: Fill out formDDR-101 with the user’s name, data on media and dateand time of submission for destruction. Run CD through Sentry Shredder ADA387 via the CD slot, opendischarge drawer and verify that CD has been destroyed, update DDR-101 with destroyer’s name and dateof destruction)Step 5: Identify the method for validating that the policy is followed (ex. Review process of the DDR-101system, or procedure for handling CDs place in thegeneral trash)You might also want to talk about removable drives(thumb-drives and external drives which are hardertoshred, but should be wiped before disposal.I do not expect this to be a completely original work. There are certainly many examples of not onlyactualprocedures, but also templates that may help you along the way. Please ensure that you give credit fortemplates. It will not affect your grade if you usesomeone else’s work as a base, but I expect you doenhance and add value.If you need guidance help understanding some of the technical pitfalls you are being asked to explore,please feel free to contact me. The length of the document is not as critical to me as the thought processthat goes into solving the problem identified. Please get authorization from me before you start to ensurethat your selection is acceptable.Grading as follows:•10pts/each–for each of the key steps above for each of your two PPP documents•TOTAL – 100ptsYou must submit your project via the sakai assignment tool with a filename as follows LASTNAME is replaced with your last name andthe .xxx is replaced with a word processing fileextension).

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