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Is the Conservative Party Machiavellian and How Does That Affect The Wider Public/British Citizens? Explain.

Undergraduate degree: BA Arts & Humanities
Dissertation topic: Political theory
Primary Focus: The Conservative Party (between 2010-2015)
Dissertation Title:
Is the Conservative Party Machiavellian and How Does That Affect The Wider Public/British Citizens?
*In order to avoid confusion, I feel it is necessary to mention that this essay will not concern American politics or any other country’s current affairs. It will be entirely focused on the British Government.*
*The referencing style required is HMRA, I only picked Harvard for the sake of picking an option so that I could complete the order form. However, please use HMRA style, thank you very much.*
To be Machiavellian is to employ the cunning and duplicity in statecraft or in general conduct. The word derives from Italian diplomat and writer Niccolo Machiavelli who wrote the political manifesto, The Prince. The popularity of the work has not yet declined as for many, the recommendations made by the Machiavelli have never lost their relevance.

The core idea of Niccolo Machiavellis political work in The Prince was the disassociation of the private morality from the public morality. The end justifies the means. The Conservative Party is seen as a party that embodies these principles. A party that comprises of the wealthy and elite and primarily caters to the needs and wants of those like them. The centre-right political party, currently they are the majority party in the House of Commons having won 330 of the 650 seats at the 2015 general election. However my primary focus of analysis is their governance between 2010-15 in which they served in a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats. It was the largest single party with 303 Members of Parliament. I would frame the Conservative Party and its policies (Economic, Social, Foreign, Health, Education) between 2010-15.

I propose to execute quantitative and qualitative research including opinion polls, public surveys, media coverage and Conservative policies (executed and promised) throughout the coalition government in addition to critical analysis of Machiavelli’s political works such as The Prince and perhaps The Discourses on Livy (and any other of Machiavelli’s works that you think is appropriate/in context with this dissertation) in order to determine whether the modern Conservative Government can be defined as Machiavellian.

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