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Is \”Paradoxical Intervention as a Leadership Style\” method a useful method? and explain its usefulness.

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Hi I am an exchange student in Berlin
My department is Business Adminstration
Lecture : Change Management In An International Context
Final paper theme:
Systemic Counseling: Paradoxical Intervention as a Leadership Style
The paper that I should prepare must be consist of at least 3100 words. This is a business management paper.
It should be written on Microsoft Word (Arial 11 and 1.5 spaced)
If there is copy paste I will get zero from my final paper , so in my final paper there must NOT copy-paste.The teacher wants us to research the theory part from just not internet he wants us to research from the books and the internet.

The teacher wants to see all the resources that I used for this final paper.I should make Resources part at the end of final paper and I should write all the books , internet sites , links that I used as resource for preparing this final paper to the resources part.
If I use someone\’s sentence than the owner of that sentence must be written at the end of that sentence the time and the book for example: (Gioia & Pitre, 1990).
The final paper consists of 3 parts Theory ,Case and Critical Reflection. I am explaining what the lecturer wants me to do in that parts briefly at the below:

-Start with a general Theory of Change that fits to you: There are 4 theories of change which named as Teleological , Dialectical , Life Cycle, Evolutionary. I should choose one of them which fits to me and I should explain that theory theoretically.
-Explaining the Approach (Systemic Counseling) theoretically: In this part I should explain : What is Systemic Counseling (theoretically) ? When and how is Systemic Counseling invented? When did it used who used it or which firm used it and for why (by giving examples) ?, How to use Systemic Counseling?
-Explaining the methods theoretically:In this part I should explain the Paradoxical Intervention method theoretically and I should explain how can be the change by using this method and its success.

-Transform the usage of these methods into a business case of your choice
-Describe the setting
-Describe the use of the method
-Describe the outcome
In this part I should mention a business life problem either made up or real (it can be a real problem from business life or i can make it up in my head but it must be a business life problem.for example a firm\’s problem.I should explain : What is the problem? and I should explain If I were a leader of that firm , how could I solve that problem by using \’\’Paradoxical Intervention as a leadership style\’\’ method.This part should be sincerely written and the teacher must see that I have written this part by my own thoughts and feelings.

Critical Reflexion
In this part I should criticize :
Is \”Paradoxical Intervention as a Leadership Style\” method a useful method? and explain its usefulness.
If there is a problem and the problem solved by using Paradoxical Intervention as a Leadership Style method , does the solution have revenues? What are the revenues?
How can the \”Paradoxical Intervention as a Leadership Style\” method be improved? This part should be sincerely written too and the lecturer wants to see my own suggestions to improve \”Paradoxical Intervention as a Leadership Style\” method and the teacher wants to see that I am criticizing the method by my own thoughts feelings and by my own words.
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