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Investigate the movement patterns of players during netball games in Singapore.

. Module Synopsis & Objectives
Students examine and respond to a question, problem, or challenge related to industries associated with their SHL diplomas over a semester. They collaborate in teams to systematically produce robust outputs such as scientific studies, performance analysis, business analysis, operational analysis, events, plans and programmes. In order to do, students apply their own prior knowledge and skills acquired in previous modules; and project skills at introductory level– project management, information competence, analysis, and written communication.
Through this module, student is able to
1. Define and later address the project aim and hypothesis/guiding question
2. Demonstrate basic project management
3. Demonstrate information competence
4. Demonstrate mastery of the project topic
5. Demonstrate mastery of the project process
6. Communicate ideas effectively
7. Apply a desirable working attitude toward self and team in achieving project aim

Topic is on “Performance Analysis of local netball matches in Singapore” – This proposed study is to investigate the movement patterns of players during netball games in Singapore.

1. (PART A) Literature review of topics related to the project such as Gamebreaker Plus V10; movement patterns;
2. (PARTB) DATA COLLECTION: Video Camera will be used to record the local netball matches in Singapore. Then, the videos will be analysed by using the Gamebreaker Plus V10 (DONE). ;
3. (PART C) EVALUATION PHASE: Descriptive data: Individual and team movements; One way ANOVA to compare the movement among the position

*The project works this way: Log sheet 1  log sheet 2 log sheets 3  final report.
Basically these log sheets are a “guide” to the final report. Hence, it’s important to make sure these log sheets are connected and linked.

Summary of assessment items
Items Submission Date Assessment rubrics Items Remarks
Log sheet 1 Nil
For your guiding purposes in this project
Log sheet 2- methodology (very important) – if possible please give constant update early so if there’s anything wrong we can work on it together… there’s little time to be off track.
Main focus is on: methodology of report.

Take note that details are in point form.. Need to rephrase it to a real essay/report.

Do take note only to include the performance indicators that is necessary to you.
Log sheet 3 – draft for final report

Final Report
E-Poster Presentation

Video Raw video of :
Singapore Vs Thailand of SEA Games 2015 File is too big.. currently uploading to dropbox.. do request from me if you need it.. I will give you the link to download.
Notational Results from video – statistics (refer for more details in logsheet 2) These are the statistic that I’ve notated from the video. Only use those variables/indicators that is needed for your objective of this project.
Sample Report which I’ve found online that might be useful for you
For your reference; just sample.

General information:
As stated, I’ve the statistic that I’ve notated from the video. You can either:
a) Look at the statistic that I’ve have, and work backwards using the current performance indicators OR
b) Start from scratch with the areas that you’re good at/ of cause feel free to use the stats. But please do discuss with me the areas you want to analyse.

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