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investigate the current approach to change management at Ivor Crack Windows Ltd.

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The comments below are based on the work 816667995

Your proposal is a useful starting point for the dissertation itself. You will obviously need to go through the proposal again (DO NOT rewrite it) – to work out which parts are now to be included in the full dissertation, and which elements are merely useful to help you on the journey.

Currently your project is far too wide in scope “Portugal & Europe”. Far better to concentrate on just Portugal. Moreover, I need you to build a more focused question/aim/objectives. You need a SINGLE research question with a single aim and a set of objectives to answer that question. Avoid the word “and” like the plague!!!

For example, if my research question is:

Continuous improvement as a facet of change management at Ivor Crack Windows Ltd.

The aim is to determine how Ivor Crack Windows uses continuous improvement in its change management programmes.

Then my objectives might be:

1. To understand current literature on continuous improvement.

2. To understand current literature on change management.

3. To investigate the current approach to change management at Ivor Crack Windows Ltd.

4. Compare objective 3 with objectives 1 & 2

5. To draw conclusions & make recommendations for incorporating continuous improvement into how Ivor Crack Windows Ltd manage change based on objectives one, two, three & four.

I want you to lay out yours using the same format as I have done above, to make things clear for the reader.

Do you see what I am asking you to do? Do you see how focused this is compared to your question/aim/objectives? Get this part clear and the rest will fall into place like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Regarding the construction of the dissertation, I would like you to adopt the following 5 Chapter structure for the work please

Literature Review
Analysis & Conclusions

For now we’re going to concentrate on chapter 1. Note that all sections will need to have references to relevant academic journal articles. Please use Google Scholar to find relevant published journal articles (from the last 5 years) appropriate for your topic area. This is very important given the nature of your topic, i.e. technology. In more detail then …


1.1 BACKGROUND TO THE RESEARCH (about 1 page of practical & theoretical context, i.e. you need academic journal article references)

1.2 RESEARCH QUESTION, AIM(S) & OBJECTIVES (1/2 – 1 page of discussion with academic references leading up to the question/aim/objectives)

1.3 JUSTIFICATION FOR THE RESEARCH (1/2 – 1 page with academic references). Why is this research needed? What will you add to knowledge?

1.4 OUTLINE METHODOLOGY (1/2 page with academic references). HOW will you undertake this research?

1.5 OUTLINE OF THE REST OF THE DISSERTATION (one sentence explaining the content of each of the remaining chapter)


This chapter should only be about 3-4 pages when complete. You need to engage with the material to tell the reader a story, not just present things as unconnected facts. Use multiple references in each paragraph, and don’t cite the same few authors too many times …!
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