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Interview questions

Interview questions
Who has been your role model and how has he or she mentored you and gives a reason regarding why and how the person made an impact on your life?
With an example to prop up your answer, can you describe how both your staff and workmates would describe your style of leadership? (Malcolm, 2001).If I were to ask them to make a remark about your style of leading, your leadership triumphs and failures, how would you expect them to answer? According to the response, what would it imply about your role as a leader?
In this era of great competition, where do great ideas come so as to stay ahead of the pack?
When the terrain in your company gets tough, in what ways do you boost the morale of your staff?
As a leader which is the greatest triumphs that you’ve ever accomplished in your position? And what are the failures?
In the role of a leadership, which are some of the situations that may fail? Have you ever failed and if so, can you name one occasion?
What are some of the greatest changes that you ever impacted to an organization?
Has there been an occasion that you have ever tried a hand at a job that you were not qualified for? Did it ran smoothly and if no, what were your reactions?
What are the most mistakes made by some leaders? Have you ever made them?
Can you describe an occasion when you differed with your management and did you prove them wrong and convinced your superiors?
Sometimes people find it difficult to follow or implement your ideas, how do you bend them to follow them?
In your leadership you get to be consulted to settle down conflicts, what ways do you use to solve the conflicts and are they successful?
For those going into the roles of leadership for the first time, what is your word to them?
In this 21st century what are the biggest challenges that the leaders are faced with? What is your advice to them?
For those leaders aspiring to be better leaders than they are, what are the resources that you would recommend to them?
In your leadership role what are your aims and expectations?

Malcom, D. (2001). Public sector leadership for the 21st century. Andre-Pascal: OCED Publishing.

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